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Coin’s Guide to Dungeons: Castillion

Castillion, Vornair – G’day readers Kyle Coin world traveler, and prison connoisseur here. I write after adventuring into the heart of Vornair, into the capital of Zylphania. I have landed in prison elsewhere for nefarious and misgiving situations: impersonating a priest in Thearyn and disguising as a tax collector in Fortuna come to mind; which is quite difficult when there is only one citizen. Today, it was for kicking the soapbox of Aerus Morningray, who was fanatically rambling about securing titles and needing donations from Zylphania patrons to help create a “New Dawn”.

Guards with uniformed cloaks were posted outside, the cloaks evergreen color turning black in the darkness. Although the cell could hold five it was spacious, with room to fit an easel. The amenities were humble with actual pillows and used bedding. With such hospitality, even Duke Bombastus visited, while there he painted as he declared ‘happy little ‘staches’ on seemingly thousands of self-portraits. I enjoyed the company for a time, I think Duke Bombastus was more grateful for it, as he could hide from responsibilities. The food was warm and considerate coming straight from the ducal estate kitchen. Activities were few; however, the Solarium was right above the cellroom so the conversations were fantastic. Near check-out, I even received a survey form asking how the stay was to help create informed, dispassionate policies.

Overall I would rate the Dungeon of Castillion at 3 out of 4 stars. Would visit again!


Verdict: Above Average.

Coin’s Guide to Dungeons: Thracia

Thracia, Karios – G’day readers I am Kyle Coin, world traveler. There are many out there who seek to ply their fortunes across the face of Elyria but are unprepared for some of the dangers vagabondry entails. Many actions such as gambling, or a fling with a baroness can land you in some hot water, or oil. So allow me to guide you to the best travel accomodations with my handy new guide I am developing. We start with the ducal Dungeon of Thracia:

This seemingly standard dungeon is located in Thracia, it can accomodate up to 10 per cell and the guard uniforms new with very high quality leg irons available. I was placed in duchy custody during unrest in the marketplace and it does not seem like torture is scheduled for me. Therefore I expect a calm and relaxing stay until check-out but will not be able to review the amenities. I noticed the straw seemed old and matted with a flea ridden cloth on top. This is a sure indicator of a lax hospitality staff if I ever saw one. There was no chamber pot available, this jail used a trough that they flushed with a water bucket every time the guard patrolled nearby. Bathing seemed to be a non-offered consideration. Activities were few, I did not see work parties go out or come back. This is not unusual being the city hold and not a penal plantation. Food was standard gruel served at a lukewarm temperature, as a plus you could ask for seconds.

Overall I would rate the Dungeon of Thracia at 2 out of 4 stars. 2-Stars-580x131.png

Verdict: Average