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The Pauper Queen

SaorsaSitting in a tower of great opulence a Queen ponders. Her name is Queen Violet Winterlynn from the Kingdom of Alésia. Titled through vanity and holding a weak power, only granted by King Phyllian, over her citizens; whispers of revolt emerged in the cracks of her falling crown. Rejecting the wise counsel of her citizens. Queen Violet Winterlynn demanded more from her people, she demanded taxes for castles and cathedrals; land for baths and parks; titles for betrayal and defiance; and the lives of those who stood against her reign.

The demand for personal luxury and grandeur went too far. Soon, citizens would notice their taxes being hauled off to the palace and held in Queen Violet Winterlynn’s coffers. Remembering a raid Owen Porma’an stated, “Knights of the regime [Queen Violet’s Guards] came and stole it all… Even the crumbs of a loaf… even our undergarments…”

Even zealots for her reign weakened, turning against her due to whispers that became thunderous voices of rebellion. Inciting swift punishment from the Queen. Recalling a haunting night Count Jaxiel Astris stated, “My lovely [Countess] Gorawyn was taken by the regime [Queen Violet]. I pray to Virtori that I may see her again….” Rumors swirled about the disappearance of Countess Gorawyn Ashla at the hands of Queen Violet Winterlynn. Some reporting it was brought on by Gorawyn’s rival beauty and heart for the people, others thought Violet simply wanted Count Jaxiel’s obedience for herself, another rumored that this was Houses Ashla and Astris’ punishment for wanting the Duchy of Saorsa.

Riots at the gate

Riots at the gates of Saorsa

Soon the iron-fist which Queen Violet rose against her people, betrayed even her. As nobles refused to pay taxes, and citizens rioted. It was the beginning of the end of the now infamous Pauper Queen.

Honeyed promises from Virtori Queen

Duchy of Thearyn – We have just received confirmation from multiple anonymous sources that the Church of Thaeryn is but a front for a dastardly organization bent on the subjugation of all Mannkind! I your humble correspondent Dominic Bumgardner have been informed that a nefarious organization made up entirely of the newly released cardinal bees have secretly been whispering to their puppet Duke Varuian Maulvorn enticing him with sweet promises so that he could spread their influence. If these incoming reports are true, we are truly looking at the end of the freedom of all the major kingdoms and leadership being replaced by Varuian Maulvorn and our new Overqueen. May the gods have mercy on our souls.


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You’re Fired!!!

Phyillian Shows Violet Out

His Royal Highness King Phyllain showing Duchess Violet the door.

With stunning efficiency and charisma Violet Winterlynn recruited hundreds of citizens, supporting the rise of the Kingdom of Alésia. However, the campaign for winning the hearts and minds of the Free Kingdom has ended. With his first royal decree King Phyllian has declared via a tweeting pigeon that “Zhin Khovi, Duchess of Rhyddid, will become the new Queen. She will do a great, great job! Thank you Violet Winterlynn for your services. Continuing “Taxes will now increase fivefold in Saorsa to payback previous royal expenditures, and all research during her reign from the dual academies are now royal property.” This surprising decree shocked both citizens and titleholders causing riots and clashes over who had worn the best coronation gown. Even so, some swiftly accepted Queen Zhin, imploring her ability to “take charge” and  “competency as a leader”. However, during protests citizens were found chanting “She’s not our Queen!” and “another false Queen!”
These fractures, and paranoia of King Phyllian seem to be spreading into the heart of policies and politics of the Kingdom of Alésia. No matter the reason, the movement of high-ranking title holders will seem to continue. It is whispered that King Phyllian will ask Duke Varuian Maulvorn to step down from the Church of Thearyn, who will be replaced by Buttercup Flickerhoof his once trusted steed.

Free Kingdom Shennanigans

Free Kingdom – It has been an eventful week as the contest heats up, one prospective duke has been knocked out and replaced by an unknown up and comer. Violet Winterborne still has a 97% chance at total victory in this election and as an independent and legitimate news source we are not at all being compensated by the Winterborne campaign.

But interestingly there has been a warming in the Kingdom’s social circles.

‘❥Violet Winterborne ❄ Promising (;

 Horse Lord Varuian Maulvorn 🐎– I’ll have a good time. … using my time productively running the Kingdom

‘❥Violet Winterborne ❄– Weird! I had the same idea


Some would say the banter has become almost flirtatious. Should Phyllain worry that another suitor awaits contest for the queen’s affections? Is it true what they say about Maulvorn’s bad comb over? We at the Elyrian Examiner will keep you posted.

Editorial: Uniting the Free Kingdom


Disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants on this web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the Elyrian Examiner or official policies of the Elyrian Examiner.

By Varuian Maulvorn – Greetings all! I am writing this article to try and show how I think the free kingdom can unify from a point of view from someone actually in the race for the monarch position.

I am speaking about how the average player in the free kingdom will play a role in the unification and stabilisation of the realm, the average player in Thearyn will be absolutely pivotal in it’s success.

You guys are the ones that stimulate local economies, you want to be a chair maker in the village of lower heath? That is a good thing to do as you will interact with the community and economy by doing so! By providing the tools and environment for you to engage in what my candidacy has to offer, you, the average blacksmith, baker and community member will be what makes or breaks the kingdom!

This is my cast iron pledge to do whatever I can to ensure you have a fun, immersive experience. The Church if Thearyn is but one tool for this as it opens up a whole new avenue of approach for you, a monastery has set up near your village for example, you are a chairmaker and that is a whole new customer base right there.

If you have any questions, doubts or just want a chat then visit our discord


King Varuian Maulvorn – Candidate for the Free Kingdom

The Rise of Queen Violet Winterborne

Untitled presentation

Free Kingdom – The polls are in and it is all but decided. The voters will support Queen Violet Winterborne at a staggering 87% rate. This is only expected to grow and solidify as the election progresses. The candidates grass roots appeal and laser-like focus has paid off this election. When asked about their decision to vote Violet the most common responses was, “She answers stuff and seems helpful.” While some claim her actions were all self serving tactics for the elections the voters didn’t seem to agree or care if that were the case. Even after issues with self ascribed surrogates her standings grew. Early congratulations to Queen Winterborne may her reign be long and long live the Queen.

Interview Madness: Seele



Free Kingdoms – Today Anders Andersen speaks with Seele in an exciting interview that must only be read to be believed!

Anders Andersen (AA): Do you feel your comprehensive plans are too advanced for most voters?
Seele (SE): I don’t really see my plans as being too advanced for most voters, and I like to give a lot of credit for people’s intelligence. Particularly a game like CoE which tends to attract the more intelligent end of the spectrum in terms of online playerbase. I am conscious though, that my ideas might be too thorough or less interesting for some voters when compared to some of the more sexy high-level concepts that other candidates are focusing their energies on. But the reality is that if you want a stable, well-thought out government that gives people the confidence required to invest heavily in businesses, or foreign heads of state the confidence that the person across the table is a formidable monarch, or someone who knows how to conduct a sustained and widespread war and not just someone good at individual battles, then you’re going to want someone like me on the throne.
AA: What are three basic rights of your citizens that will be guaranteed under your rule?
SE: The right to inherit in-line with absolute primogeniture; The right to stand trial under the justice system of the Kingdom; And the right to travel between settlements, Baronies, Counties, and Duchies within the Kingdom, without the need to pay a toll.
AA: Spring forward: Viking Fashion or Pirate Fashion?
SE: The answer is obvious. No one ever looks at a real Viking, or even Techno-Viking, and thinks “I can take him”.
AA: What do you feel is the singular greatest challenge you will face in the first 6 months post election?
SE: When I win, it’s going to be deciding on what Duchies we’re going to let into the reserved slots for the Kingdom. I think just outright denying anyone from the campaign the ability to bring along duchies that want to be part of the Kingdom would set a very sour note for the Kingdom from its beginning. But by the same token, there needs to some discussion and ultimately monarch decisions over which duchies are given those reserved slots and for what reasons. We don’t want to set up a situation where some duchies are joining but aren’t going to be committed to the kingdom, or loyal to the crown.
AA: What three guests would you most want to see at your coronation?
SE: Coronations are just pomp and ceremony. Any man who must have a big display to say “I am the King”, is no true King.
AA: How will you reach out to the rest of the Kingdoms politically?
SE: I already have reached out to them. They are cordial with me and I certainly have a good amount of respect for the Adam, Dleatherus, and Thared. They are of course polite and amiable in return, and happy to discuss and pontificate about a broad range of political, diplomatic, and economic considerations with me as a candidate, but I don’t think those relationships with other Kingdoms will truly be cemented until they have surety over what my own place in the Free Kingdom is going to be.
AA: Do you have any ideas for national holidays?
SE: The obvious one is the death of the mad Emperor and the fall of the Xeilias Empire. Happy Free Kingdom Day?
AA: There are rumors of you being unfairly attacked by competitors would you like to elaborate that situation?
SE: I personally haven’t seen much in the way of unfair attacks by other candidates. Supporters of other candidates have been talking shit, sure, but not the candidates themselves. The only unfair comment from another candidate I’ve seen was the one from Violet which tried to say that I had not built the gaming community of the SWC Empire up myself, rather, I had simply been handed it by my successor. I found that to be a rather uninformed statement to make publicly to try to undermine me; but what I’m doing in response is pulling together some references about my work in that other community to address the question of what I’ve achieved in other games.
AA: How do you feel you will mend the rifts created by this contest?
SE: Honestly, I believe the greatest thing to mend any rifts in this contest will be to recognise the talents and drivers of the Dukes that fall out of the competition, and to make sure that those talents are leveraged for the betterment of the Kingdom. There is a lot of focus on the competition at the moment because it’s activity, and potential drama, but after the competition is over then it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start building the actual kingdom together. I think CoE itself, as in the real game, will be more than enough to keep us all busy and focused on our jobs and the kingdom.
AA: What program can you implement do you feel will help your citizens the most?
SE: I plan on ensuring the Kingdom invests heavily in the Kingdom to build up our economy to make it self-sufficient to the extent possible, resistant to shocks, and has a lot of creativity that adds value to the kingdom. This will be in the form of co-investment by the kingdom, and should give access to capital that’s needed for people to start up great ideas, to invest in infrastructure, or expand operations. In return, the Kingdom gets a share of the profits, which it can then reinvest in the Kingdom.
AA: Out of the current Interview participants (Maulvorn, Nihz, Duffy, Jon Warren) what position would you have for each of them?
SE: Jon’s economic knowledge and creativity has been on display for everyone to see, so I see the Lord Chancellor (Economy & Production) role being perfect for him. Duffy is well spoken, articulate, has his fingers in many pies already, and developed a solid and respected reputation in the competition thus far, so he’s the kind of person I’d be looking at for Lord Commissioner (Foreign Affairs & Intrigue). NiHZ and Maulvorn are both leading religious roleplay, so I’d be quite happy to let the pair of them duke it out on the religion front, and which one triumphs in the hearts and minds of the Kingdom, would be Archbishop.
AA: What are some ideas you have for growing local infrastructure?
SE: Since I answered for private enterprise above, I’m going to focus this answer on the local and public infrastructure. What I want to see is investment by the Kingdom, Duchy, County, and Settlements in their public infrastructure. Not only does the construction of those roads, bridges, waterwheels, ports etc end up providing jobs and opportunities for players to design and build, but they also provide the capacity for regions to foster and encourage new businesses and expansion of extant ones. Co-investment by the tiers of government is going to be important for the strategic infrastructure, but the real interesting question will be the views of people within the kingdom regarding private investment into public infrastructure; where much of the medieval and renaissance public infrastructure we see in Europe actually came from.
When asked for final thoughts Seele, in a formal and earnest tone said:
This isn’t a campaign for some guild leadership. We are looking for someone with the composure, the experience, the knowledge, the skills, and the expertise to forge a new kingdom in the game. For anyone who looks at my campaign and thinks to themselves “This is a person who could wear the crown and rule a good kingdom“, then be sure to send in your tokens to help me become the King.
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