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Wedding Bells – Jubilation at Last

The Royal wedding had set the Kingdom of Vornair ablaze with fortune, as merchants from across the known worlds set out for Penrith; the finest silk and fabrics, gems and jewels, and prestigious quills all marched for fortune. Thousands horded into the capital of an empire, wanting to compete to make their own legacy, fighting for the crumbs of coins that fell from the pockets of Aristocrats and Nobles.

The Rhyne Estate nestled in grandiose splendor, shimmered with the lights of hundreds of lanterns setting the estate alight for all to witness – a beacon of prosperity. Droves of carriages decorated in the finest ware and house shields entered through the gates of the estate. Their occupants clinging to reassurances and self-entitlement for the hope of elevation, redemption and expansion. The wedding simply another engagement on their scheduled agendas.

Although, a magnificent feast for the eyes, the wedding concluded mostly without incident. All in attendance portrayed their roles accordingly. Duke Mythos sampled and silenced the local brothels – trust too is a facile mistress; drinking wine from a never-empty goblet Duchess Aleeryan critiqued the attire of all who attended the wedding; Consort Duchess Rheika was found sleeping in a pile of gold coins from the King’s treasury; Duke Balen escaped the wedding instead accidentally burning down a local tavern when the owner questioned the courage of the Duke’s armies; and Duke Kellix gleefully enacted naval maneuvers in the fountain with toy ships which were proudly labeled Helgrim made. While, Duchess Cynn over-watched them always learning from and about her current friends.

Amidst the goings-on of the wedding, King Adam Rhyne and Duke Morbis Alabast-Rhyne hand-in-hand resigned to the seclusion of a chateau amongst the snow capped peaked alps of Penrith. Illuminated by candlelight, shimmering off of nearby bottles of mead and wine, the room danced in an array of colors. Approaching the bed, there an innocent parchment lay waiting to change their lives that night. Anxious Morbis drew his quill, inking and preparing it for the long night it would have to endure. Unequivocal Adam thrust out his quill and signed the child contract, full of assurance the ink settled gracefully onto the page. Nervous Morbis let slip the quill, exploding on contact ink leapt from the contract splattering across the bed, and onto Adam. The Royal Quill and Scepter Holder, Consort Edwin Salle hidden, quietly watching in the shadowed corner stood at the ready with a spare quill in hand. Mustering the tenacity to try again, Adam gently caressed Morbis’ hand. “Don’t be nervous, let me guide you…” Slowly inching closer to the contract Adam softly whispered into Morbis’ ear “Right there, yeah. That’s the spot.” In shear bliss Morbis etched his signature onto the mark for as long as possible before exhaustion overcame, smearing ink all over the contract. In jubilation the royal couple spooned in bed, dreaming of tomorrow and the promises of a new future.

We value your vote, please wait for…

With the Searing Plague over for now. After months of seclusion in the Kingdom of Alesia, we once again stepped out onto the causeway. A deleterious step forward was too much though; smell, sight and taste of detritus overwhelmed. Corpses of those who succumb to the plague seemed to be haphazardly piled, strewn along the roadsides and pressed into once proud, orderly homes of families who were all lost to the plague, homes that are now marked to be torched.

Kissing the Kings hand

A commotion arose nearby, as the hollowed bodies of Count Barbazu and Count Bacuss of the Kingdom of Vornair were discovered, protected under the cloak of Count Anders. Both were in a withering, insect infested pile of the dead; however, no trace of Count Anders was ever found, other then his 5,891 page journal containing the legal structure of Vornair. With that the High Council were taught a most dispassionate lesson – never oppose the word of King Adam Rhyne. Among the wreckage, Count Arisilde appeared limping and bled by the scorn and torment brought upon by King Adam Rhyne; a well-trained dog always returns home, and Count Arisilde is. So, returning to Penrith he marched to kiss the hands, rings and feet of his most royal and controlling monarch. As Arisilde determinedly followed the call home with a cloak between his legs, a poster on a nearby notice board allowed pause. “Monarchies Summit – A Vote for our Shared Community,” on it the proud signature of all monarchies rested. The potential of a shared consensus loomed in grandeur of story and inspiration, in our own dogged pursuit we ventured to the capital of Kairos. While our fated adventure had begun, the discussions in Chrysopolis had too.

The most powerful men in all the lands were alone in a room waiting for the most powerful of them all – the King of Vornair. On entering King Thared’s keep, a spectacle of energetic reds and golds gleamed from his attire, and were jovial with the sun’s rays at King Adam Rhyne’s back. Approaching the round-table as an equal the King of Vornair, bequeathed onto the group of monarchs the idea of altering the table for the benefit of all kingdoms. Assured by words and want for cooperation and benefit, the other monarchs reluctantly or otherwise agreed. With a declaration set two guards approached the table and sawed an edge into it. Now the table was the shape of a crystal ball in its stand – a truncated circle. With the King of Vornair and Fortuna perched as equals at the top, the future had become much clearer to those who encircled the bottom. Unwilling to neglect an opportunity for discussion and shared community wants, rather than self-aggrandizing. The Kings of Bordweall, Kairos and Alesia had mires as choices if any left and instead continued with the summit.


The Summit of Monarchs

Nevertheless the discussion in the summit marched forward. Details for each map were debated, relinquished and then reapplied vehemently, and the discussion at the two-sided round table continued. Pause was only given to the cardinal needs and urges of the monarchs, otherwise it was debate, details and discussion. Days fell to nights, and nights rose to welcome days – but there was seemingly no end, no compromise. Until, an agreement from the Kingdoms of Kairos and Alesia – B. Then the Kingdom of Bordweall and uncharacteristically Fortuna – B. The room was coldly silent, as the King of Vornair calculated in earnest. For agreement was not seen as a possibility, yet it had been declared. So, King Adam Rhyne spoke, “I must confer with the High Council of Vornair.” It rattled through the keep, as the monarchs protested. This is a summit of Kings and Queens to discover a collective agreement that all our communities can share, we have reached that agreement. However, refusing their words the King of Vornair retreated.

The room that King Rhyne retreated was macabre with its display. Count Barbazu and Bacuus had been cleaned and clothed strapped into chairs; even with empty skulls and eclipsed eyes it was the presentation of advice that was more important, rather then what their collapsed lungs could not say. In the room the echelons of Vornair society were present all vainly wanting the attention of the King’s ear. All dissenting against the others’ choice: H – Consort Duchess Rheika Hart cried; T – Duke Morbis Alabast reminded; I – Duke Balen demanded; and S – High Council whispered. Always divided and internally vying for power – Vornair’s fractures were becoming more evident. Hours passed as the other monarchs sat waiting for the decision of Vornair, waiting for what was best for the community. Then an eruption of cheers, praises circled through the keep as the King of Vornair exited the room. The hopeful monarchs, sat slightly taller, waiting and wanting to hear the news for the community. Without seating King Adam Rhyne strode to the table, placing his hand on the King of Fortuna’s shoulder and spoke a single letter before leaving the summit – N.

With that, what was wanted by four monarchs and their communities had been eclipsed by one.

The rest of the monarchs sat perplexed having been condemned by the creators. How could the influence of one decide the fate of thousands for years? Why had the creators favored Vornair? Surely, the tribute and communities of four, three or even two kingdoms are worth one. However, without divine interventions of equity or fairness from the creators or communities it seems that Vornair has not built, but decided for us all.

Cracks in the Shield Wall

Bloodoak – Sitting on his royal throne, King Dleatherus of Bordweall received alarming, unproven accusations of internal spying in the kingdom. Being indisposed, King Dleatherus had Protectorate Duke Noslim’s first act be to read the report through the chamber doors. These spying allegations centered around the Duchy of Singraven and Grand Earl [Count] Drax Baxton. It was alleged that Grand Earl Drax sent spies into all of the duchies, and guilds throughout the Kingdom of Bordweall. The allegations continued stating, “that he [Drax Baxton] demanded knowledge, subterfuge and the spread of deceit from his spies.”

Grand Earl Drax refused to comment on the allegations, instead shouting profusely, “These accusations are entirely false. Incredibly false. It is true, I do have eyes and ears everywhere, they’re great spies best of the best… but only in other kingdoms.” A fellow Grand Earl, Primus Dedumo attempted to jokingly quell the situation, “He listens because he has immense ears.” However, it has been reported that Grand Earl Drax Baxton also assisted in igniting the rebellion against the Duchy of Caeruleum, and subsequent tensions, as well as having a hand in the removal of the Brotherhood of the Fallen Blade from Singraven and much of the Kingdom of Bordweall.

blundering spy

Belived to be one of the top spies of Karrah. (Image courtesy of a concerned citizen.)

However, the validity of these allegations are doubtful at best. Grand Earl Drax is better known for his nonsensical banter, then his ability to run a clandestine spy network. If there is prominence to these claims, the Kingdoms of Elyria still need not fear. Rumors abound of the County of Karrah’s spies tripping onto their own daggers, drinking out of mislabeled vials, and accepting astonishingly small bribes; all of which, we can agree, are fine qualities of “great spies”. These instances, though ghastly comical, have caused many individuals to try and gauge the intentions of Grand Earl Drax’s “spies” and his protective cohorts. These allegations and subsequent leaks though, if proven true, may lead to cracks in King Dleatherus’ otherwise solid shield wall.


Grooms, Wenches and a Justicar

Rhynelands – Overseeing the Royal Rhyne Estate in the County of Penrith, a grand meeting to forge the future of the kingdom was underway to decide the fate of their centerpieces. King Adam Rhyne’s hopeful groom Duke Morbis Alabast, and wife Queen Jordyn Rhyne, accompanied by Consort Duchess Rheika Hart, bickered over the color palate of the wondrous occasion. Also, attending was Duchess Aleerayn Aritaur who refused assisting in all other matters, instead preferring to solely refine the wine selection. Amidst the confusion of which suit Duke Morbis should wear – the otter inspired single breasted or silhouetted which graces the figure. A peculiar visage appeared in the lavish room, Chief Justicar Anders Kastanjj burst into the room unsettling the fair nobles dispute. Rumbling with anger after receiving the news, and Duke Morbis unable to calm King Adam even after a relaxing, beard waxing and twirl – a war path seemed to be drawn.

Withdrawing from the planning, King Adam Rhyne and Chief Justicar Anders Kastanjj discussed improving security measures. After hours of grueling, tedious security discussions. King Adam boorishly agreed to Chief Justicar Anders security terms, if only to cease the impromptu meeting. Policies to implement identification papers, training guards to spot disguises, scribing all royal encounters, and installing ‘advisors’ in all duchies hierarchies received royal decree. With these security measures developed the Chief Justicar informed that the contracts required would be completed in the next two following generations.

With the impromptu security crisis presently averted, King Adam Rhyne returned to the disgruntled nobles. The current discussion was Duke Theophrastus Bombastus’ (nee Barnebas Bombastus). Consort Duchess Rheika Hart vehemently declared Duke Bombastus as a ‘poor leader’ and ‘a scar on the prestige of the kingdom’, that he had even ‘performed treason’. Queen Jordyn Rhyne agreeingly nodded, as Duke Morbis Alabast was taken aback by these unfounded vulgar statements. Chief Justicar Anders overhearing the accusations demanded evidence to protect the prestige of his royalty [King Adam Rhyne]. These allegations demanded a Round Table meeting which led to Duke Theophrastus Bombastus narrowly freeing himself of the charges, and protesting favoritism against King Adam Rhyne towards Consort Duchess Rheika Hart. 

With, the fate of the Freehold Duchy of Zylphania in the Kingdom of Vornair precariously edging towards disaster. So begins the consolidation of power in unions, in name, in accusations and in title.

Evictions in Alésia

Rhyddid – As political turmoil in the Kingdom of Alésia continues, the first political pawns have been discovered and promptly discarded. These measures initially occurred in the Duchy of Rhyddid under Duchess Zhin Khovi. The official statement from the Appointed Queen Violet Winterlynn, “These citizens were found to be consorting with rebel factions within the Kingdom [of Alésia]. These unwarranted actions by disloyal [rebel] factions will never stand in the Kingdom. We must be vigilant, in cities, on the streets and in our homes; anyone could become a victim of this menacing, rebellious mindset.” During this address, loyal citizens and aristocrats of Duchess Zhin Khovi were summoned, tied and marched to the borders of the kingdom. Surrounded by guards at the border, the citizens and aristocrats were stripped of their citizenship and rank. At the border, Marquis Vetivier declared, “We must trust in the Queen’s word. That this will all be over when the rebels are crushed, and our true leaders will stop this.” Then walking towards the Knight Jarri and Edwin of the Blue Hearts, Ernesto whispered, “How did I do, do I have security clearance now? Queen Violet said that [Duchess] Zhin Khovi’s county will be mine soon…” The rest, that attempted to return to their homeland were blockaded and bludgeoned by the Knights of the Regime [Royal Guards]. Back in Rhyddid, locked in her personal estate Duchess Zhin Khovi remained under house arrest.


Rebel factions fighting against the crown within Rhyddid’s capital city Dileas

Throughout the Kingdom of Alésia these isolated operations against rebel factions continued into the night against Duke Jon Warren of Vitalis, as well as Duke Varuian Maulvorn of Thearyn. Both Dukes shared the same fate of Duchess Zhin Khovi, who is the alleged leader of the rebel faction – Crimson Thorns.

In the Kingdom of Alésia, there is a continued silencing of inquisitive and rebellious voices, especially as it relates to the brutality of Appointed Queen Violet Winterlynn. However, her strict actions against these voices is causing attention and there are now whispers of the Drunk King Phyllian dethroning Violet Winterlynn.

Leading the Crown

Aechena – Helgrim Enterprises has landed a stunningly, brilliant deal with the Draugr Fleet. Through this lucrative deal, Helgrim is now contracted to construct one-thousands ships for the Draugr Fleet stationed in the Duchy of the High Seas. The contract signed by King Adam Rhyne details that upon completion Helgrim will receive amount owing, plus bonuses and crafters’ will be allowed a ‘night of consultations’ with the King’s Consort Count Edwin Salle. In the contract Consort Duchess and Chief Executive Officer of Helgrim Enterprises Rheika Hart received a personal bonus, twenty coastal parcels in the County of Penrith and the removal of Lord Commander Alaric Stonehammer, true Duke of Aechena.

Many of the other guilds who auctioned their tenders were stunned at the gracious terms; except for King Rhyne’s impassioned offering of Count Edwin Salle. Who is being renowned for his community charities such as – No Clothes, No Shoes, Full Service a brothel in the County of Bhailedar, and a bestselling book called Taking a Tip: How to Earn the Trust of a King. The favorable terms of the contract has raised eyebrows, ca using questions to stir throughout the Kingdom of Vornair’s guilds and schools. With the leaders of Mercava, The Forge Bound Association and Esotericum demanding an inquiry. Chief Nathecat said that, “These [contractual] terms are favoritism through-and-through by the High Council and King Adam Rhyne. We [Mercava] have proven our quality and skills, and are still being limited by this corrupted rating scheme.”

This initially benign system, was to better facilitate kingdom-level contracts. The Guild Reputation System was led by the High Council, specifically the Maester of Resources Lexidus Havenspire. However, utilizing the relationship and leadership shared by the Duchy of Aechena and Helgrim, Helgrim’s contractual reputation soared by receiving contracts, and subsequent ratings from Aristocracy and Nobility within Helgrim. A contract review from Count Viktor Galliand stated, “Great Job. Ordered nothing, but showed up almost on time.” Another, Duke Alaric Stonehammer listed, “Excellent! I received two-hundred pairs of socks… I ordered two-hundred swords…” Both of which, along with many more gave full recommendations to future contractors. Using her influence over the High Council, and proximity to King Adam Rhyne, Consort Duchess Rheika Hart and Helgrim Enterprises thrive under this reprehensible system even after the cost of bribes, and political offerings.

To the disillusionment of guilds and schools across the Kingdom of Vornair these reputation systems remain. Helgrim Enterprises seems to be the embodiment of favoritism, and monopolization in the Kingdom of Vornair. Benefiting from the near familial ties to the King and Queen, these systems and policies of bias and limited oversight will surely continue. This influence has also festered in the High Council as well, with Duchess Rheika Hart spreading whispers of treasonous deceit against the Dukes and Duchesses of Vornair.

The whispers of a ones peasant trader have amassed to falter the foundation of a kingdom.  

Turmoil in King Richfort’s Reign

Kairos In the midst of a financial crisis, the streets of Val’Praem were lined with thousands of people marching in protest to the cuts of public dental care. Chants raged through the streets exclaiming, “We need a crown, funding is down.” The tribe centered in this controversy are the To’resk. A tribe plagued with horrendous pain that could occur from simple acts, such as: eating, talking and singing.

These political qualms aren’t foreign to the To’resk having had public displays of affection known as ‘nibbling’ banned by royal decree only months ago by King Thared Richfort. During the dentistry protests Reja Tuth-ak stated, “This is a kingdom-wide travesty our taxes or medical infrastructure is swamped by these people.” While, at another dental protest Mikel Rutn’tof declared, “This is a basic right. We are the work force of this kingdom, and we demand rights for our health [dental care].” In protest against these tribal laws To’resk around the kingdom celebrated in mass public nibbling.

Unable to suppress and imprison all the To’resk local authorities pulled their forces. With looming debt and tribal tensions flaring the Kingdom of Kairos was inundated with flyers and banners from foreign entities.From the Kingdom of Bordweall, “Have an unnatural love of walls? Come to Bordweall! Because that’s all we have!” and Duchy of Artiaur, “Lonely, single male wanted! Duchess Aleerayn Aritaur Harem Recruitng. Most be obedient, provide own restraints and always talk back.”

It is unsure how King Thared Richfort will respond to such overwhelming controversy and unrest within Kairos.

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