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Back From Retreat

Hail Dear Readers,

I’m proud to announce we are back from our writers retreat. We here appreciate the contributions our journalist give to our site and we decided to reward them with a little break away from the bustle of their duties. During our retreat, we found ourselves in the hills overlooking the beautiful vistas of the County of Penrith, the capital jewel of Vornair and home to King Adam Rhyne. While we won’t bore you with the details of all that happened, I can say journalists will be journalists so the questions and observations never ceased. Who knows what thrilling information will be released in the coming days and weeks. Who was gallivanting with Duchess Cynwynn in the night? Who was discreetly spying into Duke Bombastus’ affairs? Why was there a vote to decide the fate of Vornair? All will be told.

As our team makes the journey back from their much needed respite there is even more good news we want to share. In addition to our continuously updated forum page. The Elyrian Examiner is proud to announce we will be launching our very own Discord. This is to provide all of our readers a means to communicate more directly with us and allow discussion among yourselves. Join the Elyrian Examiner Discord; Stay in the know, Stay in the now!

State of the Examiner

Hail Elyrians,

We here at the Elyrian Examiner pride ourselves on our independence from political agendas or special interests. As such we will always strive to provide you the articles you want to read without bending to political and social pressures. That being said running an organization as large as ours is no easy venture. In order to better serve you, our readers; and provide the quality content you deserve, it is my duty to announce that the Elyrian Examiner will be introducing ads to some of its articles. With the introduction of ads we anticipate being able to expand our staff bringing in new journalist and editors to better provide you with the most compelling and up to date news you want to know about.

In addition to ads the Elyrian Examiner will shortly be launching our very own Discord to better connect with you, our readers. This Discord will serve as a hub for our community communication and give you the ability to exchange ideas and noteworthy information with our staff. We look forward to building a stronger connection to the community and our readers and look forward to hearing your thoughts, and ideas.

Stay in the Know, Stay in the Now!

Zachariah Zibell

Coin’s Guide to Dungeons: Castillion

Castillion, Vornair – G’day readers Kyle Coin world traveler, and prison connoisseur here. I write after adventuring into the heart of Vornair, into the capital of Zylphania. I have landed in prison elsewhere for nefarious and misgiving situations: impersonating a priest in Thearyn and disguising as a tax collector in Fortuna come to mind; which is quite difficult when there is only one citizen. Today, it was for kicking the soapbox of Aerus Morningray, who was fanatically rambling about securing titles and needing donations from Zylphania patrons to help create a “New Dawn”.

Guards with uniformed cloaks were posted outside, the cloaks evergreen color turning black in the darkness. Although the cell could hold five it was spacious, with room to fit an easel. The amenities were humble with actual pillows and used bedding. With such hospitality, even Duke Bombastus visited, while there he painted as he declared ‘happy little ‘staches’ on seemingly thousands of self-portraits. I enjoyed the company for a time, I think Duke Bombastus was more grateful for it, as he could hide from responsibilities. The food was warm and considerate coming straight from the ducal estate kitchen. Activities were few; however, the Solarium was right above the cellroom so the conversations were fantastic. Near check-out, I even received a survey form asking how the stay was to help create informed, dispassionate policies.

Overall I would rate the Dungeon of Castillion at 3 out of 4 stars. Would visit again!


Verdict: Above Average.

In Memory of Sir. Simon Milligan

Dear Readers,

It is with a heavy heart that I must disclose that our dear friend and Editor-In-Chief, Sir Simon Milligan has passed away. Simon our thoughts are with you and your family and your memory will live on in our hearts. It brings me great sadness to present this to you dear readers and I hope that regardless of your feelings towards this news source you will join me in remembering a man who strived for excellence and to provide entertaining articles for all to enjoy. We have lost a proud member of our community today and he will be missed.

Thank You
Zachariah Zibell

The Fat Cats of Bordweall

Bordweall –  These 4-legged tyrants are reportedly the true power of the kingdom.



Doctor Furvago, Personal assistant and court physician to King Dleatherus, Duchy of Bloodoak


Admiral Bobo, 28 recorded victories at sea, defender of the Caeruleum Coast, Piratesbane, Wanted for privateering in Vornair and Alesia


Baron Buttons, a true statesman and powerbroker. Nothing happens in Seidrellia without Baron Buttons getting his cut.


Winston P. Fluffykins, Trade magnate of Trollfjell and all around gentleman, made wealth early with only a single wagon and a mule.


Mysterious Friendly Kitty, reportedly a transdimensional being, her wrath is matched only by her friendship, All of Singraven is friendlier from her influence.


The Kritken, The cutest of the Kaiju of the Drayrien


Fieldmarshall Whiskers, Strategic Military Genius and Supreme commander of the Armed Forces of Weristarc, responsible for many recent victories.  


Horatio Hobbes, Newscat, Lead editor of the Bordweall Broadcasting Company

Free Kingdom Shennanigans

Free Kingdom – It has been an eventful week as the contest heats up, one prospective duke has been knocked out and replaced by an unknown up and comer. Violet Winterborne still has a 97% chance at total victory in this election and as an independent and legitimate news source we are not at all being compensated by the Winterborne campaign.

But interestingly there has been a warming in the Kingdom’s social circles.

‘❥Violet Winterborne ❄ Promising (;

 Horse Lord Varuian Maulvorn 🐎– I’ll have a good time. … using my time productively running the Kingdom

‘❥Violet Winterborne ❄– Weird! I had the same idea


Some would say the banter has become almost flirtatious. Should Phyllain worry that another suitor awaits contest for the queen’s affections? Is it true what they say about Maulvorn’s bad comb over? We at the Elyrian Examiner will keep you posted.

New Vornair Sneak Peek

Vornair – Our friends in the kingdom of Vornair never fail to put out the very best in espirt de corps. While some would almost consider the amalgamation a horrific cult of personality seeking only to consume others in a relentless march of self glorification, we at the Examiner are above such terrible generalizations. Always looking new ways to show off the developments and acheivements here is a sneak peek at the newest    Active-Vair!

V Shirt_VShirt

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