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The Pauper Queen

SaorsaSitting in a tower of great opulence a Queen ponders. Her name is Queen Violet Winterlynn from the Kingdom of Alésia. Titled through vanity and holding a weak power, only granted by King Phyllian, over her citizens; whispers of revolt emerged in the cracks of her falling crown. Rejecting the wise counsel of her citizens. Queen Violet Winterlynn demanded more from her people, she demanded taxes for castles and cathedrals; land for baths and parks; titles for betrayal and defiance; and the lives of those who stood against her reign.

The demand for personal luxury and grandeur went too far. Soon, citizens would notice their taxes being hauled off to the palace and held in Queen Violet Winterlynn’s coffers. Remembering a raid Owen Porma’an stated, “Knights of the regime [Queen Violet’s Guards] came and stole it all… Even the crumbs of a loaf… even our undergarments…”

Even zealots for her reign weakened, turning against her due to whispers that became thunderous voices of rebellion. Inciting swift punishment from the Queen. Recalling a haunting night Count Jaxiel Astris stated, “My lovely [Countess] Gorawyn was taken by the regime [Queen Violet]. I pray to Virtori that I may see her again….” Rumors swirled about the disappearance of Countess Gorawyn Ashla at the hands of Queen Violet Winterlynn. Some reporting it was brought on by Gorawyn’s rival beauty and heart for the people, others thought Violet simply wanted Count Jaxiel’s obedience for herself, another rumored that this was Houses Ashla and Astris’ punishment for wanting the Duchy of Saorsa.

Riots at the gate

Riots at the gates of Saorsa

Soon the iron-fist which Queen Violet rose against her people, betrayed even her. As nobles refused to pay taxes, and citizens rioted. It was the beginning of the end of the now infamous Pauper Queen.

Forging an Empire: PAX Council

Vornair – It is with pleasure we divulge breaking news from the Kingdom of Vornair for our readers. It happened a week to the day at the beautiful Sportello tavern. The bachelor party of King Adam Rhyne and Duke Morbis Alabast. The two were lovingly surrounded by merriment and drink, alongside the High Council, Dukes and Duchess. Also, attending was King Rhyne’s long time friend, the King of Fortuna. Absent from the event was the Duke of Zylphania and Fehu who begrudgingly accepted the administrative duties of the kingdom. Truly, Duke Bombastus did all of the work, as Duke Cardan slinked away to probe the local brothels.

A spectacular course meal lined the tables, Aesir Barbazu Heimdallr stated that “the potato gnocchi and sorbet were lovely,” at least I think so, the tavern maid halted serving Count Heimdallr soon after. With Duke Bälen present, drinking turned into playful shenanigans as the bear pack came out. While a more dubious corner led by Chief Justicar Anders Kastanjj, who arrived late, lounged, tempting to find spies and werewolves; I don’t think he did too well.

PAX Council Meeting (image courtesy of the Fortuna Freedom Guild)

After hours the party swiftly ended and the pursuit of an empire had begun. Reportedly, a representative of the Kingdom of Alésia, Count Edwin Salle was also present. However, the representative didn’t have enough influence to enter the forum. With Duke Morbis resting on King Rhyne’s lap, elegantly twirling his beard. Both Kings took out their rosters and maps to focus on consolidating the Kingdom of Fortuna into the Empire of Vornair. This meeting allowed us to discover the true reason for the Kingdom of Fortuna’s negligible efforts in recruitment, because it was never meant to exist alone.

For on this day a wedding did occur, the merging of Fortuna and Vornair and the creation of Elyria’s first empire.


You’re Fired!!!

Phyillian Shows Violet Out

His Royal Highness King Phyllain showing Duchess Violet the door.

With stunning efficiency and charisma Violet Winterlynn recruited hundreds of citizens, supporting the rise of the Kingdom of Alésia. However, the campaign for winning the hearts and minds of the Free Kingdom has ended. With his first royal decree King Phyllian has declared via a tweeting pigeon that “Zhin Khovi, Duchess of Rhyddid, will become the new Queen. She will do a great, great job! Thank you Violet Winterlynn for your services. Continuing “Taxes will now increase fivefold in Saorsa to payback previous royal expenditures, and all research during her reign from the dual academies are now royal property.” This surprising decree shocked both citizens and titleholders causing riots and clashes over who had worn the best coronation gown. Even so, some swiftly accepted Queen Zhin, imploring her ability to “take charge” and  “competency as a leader”. However, during protests citizens were found chanting “She’s not our Queen!” and “another false Queen!”
These fractures, and paranoia of King Phyllian seem to be spreading into the heart of policies and politics of the Kingdom of Alésia. No matter the reason, the movement of high-ranking title holders will seem to continue. It is whispered that King Phyllian will ask Duke Varuian Maulvorn to step down from the Church of Thearyn, who will be replaced by Buttercup Flickerhoof his once trusted steed.

Elyrian Anthropology Survey – Hrothi


Written by Anders Anderson and Grandmaster Anthon Taelysziq of Arkyn

With arable land surrounding the steppes of the Hrothi, stocks from diverse crops and wild and tamed animals help create stability within settlements. These food stocks which lie outside the shelter of the mountains are exposed, and dependence on them during times of war, famine or natural calamity could cause collapse. However, depending on the abundance of protected cave fungi even collapses of external food stocks could be thwarted. This coupled with the potential of utilizing cool cavern areas, and clay pottery to store food stocks leaves the Hrothi with a rank of four out of five in Sustained Food.

Outside their natural environmental along the montane steppe, trees are the main energy source for the Hrothi. This reliance on external energy sources forces the Hrothi to venture past settlements, and into the wilderness. When, if ever, discovered, the Hrothi show an enduring gratitude for coal in the midst of their continual tunnels and caverns. However, these sources of energy are for cooking and smithing, rather then heating and light. This is due to their darkvision, and near constant temperature of the caves. However, in Access to Energy the Hrothi have a rank of three out of five due to the perils, and access to trees.

As one of the most physically fit, and vertically challenged tribes. The Hrothi use traditional metal and leather for weaponry, which will be abundant due to the constant expansion underground, animal husbandry and hunting on the surface. The sheer mass and continuation of tunneling causes the Hrothi to have five out of five in Materials of Weaponry in their natural biome.

In the caverns, unique floral and fauna flourish accompanied by mineral wealth. On the plains, with the capabilities of animal husbandry and agriculture foodstocks the Hrothi will have diverse materials, that nearby tribes such as the Brudvir and Neran will require. Coupled with their expertise in stone crafting and researching, the Hrothi have a ranking in Material Wealth of four out of five.

In the labyrinths of the mountains, the Hrothi are protected; emerged in the natural, stone walls of the caverns. The diminutive size of the tunnels, allows only a single other tribe the ability to traverse the Hrothi underground homeland which are the Kypiqs. Coupled with the their research and crafting capabilities for stone materials, internal and external settlements are profoundly protected. The main vulnerability being the durability of external settlements, as their collapse may cause disasters due to the loss of food stocks, and energy source forcing the Hrothi to be entombed, and leaving the Hrothi with a rank of four out of five in Defense.

The Hrothi, as with the Brudvir and Neran, have no disadvantages in regards to leaving their native biome. This coupled with understanding Denhørt and Proto-Neran dialect, and the diffusion of Proto-Neran dialects throughout the realms allows the Hrothi to travel quite freely. The economic turmoil of Dras, Waerd and Erishé, as well as the stature rivalry of the Kypiq impact the travelling abilities of the Hrothi. Coupled with their limited use of larger mounts and slower walking pace impacts travelling.Leaving the Hrothi to have a rank of three out of five in Travel.

With knowing Proto-Neran dialects and friendliness with Neran, the Hrothi have potential trade relations and proxy trade with some of the tribes. However, their disdain for their economic rivals will impact their trade capabilities; coupled with mount limitations; and potential distance of montane steppe from water access.Their savior could be tunnelling, creating the potential to have underground highways protected from all, but the Kypiq. The centuries of highway projects would be a marvel within Elyria. For now the Hrothi are left with a rank of three out of five in Trade.

The Hrothi are a strong, enduring which is exemplified in Defense. The monolithic fortresses of the Hrothi stand above all else, their fortifications endearing their mountainous landscape. The Hrothi entombed within their mountains, serve to have the potential to control dynamic resources and warfare through Material Wealth and Materials of Weaponry. However, their Defences and Sustained Food could turn to be weaknesses. With the encirclement of their settlements, it could be possible to force the Hrothi back within their caverns, who would solely be surviving off of fungi and foodstocks. It would be with prayers and hope that the besiegers run out of food first. Unlikely, to be able to move all their citizens and livestock into the caverns losses would surely be felt. However, utilizing tunnels and cover of night, all foes can be turned to rout.

Their stature, and want for economic supremacy is their downfall with Trade and Travel. Irritating their economic rivals, and revoking the expansion of trade wealth with the Kypiq, Waerd, Dras and Erishé; a third of all tribes. The Hrothi will be the master masons and smiths throughout the Kingdoms of Elyria, imploring their native wit to defend and protect their new homes. At siege, and on the battlefield be weary of the Hrothi. With no biome-based disadvantages and linguistics; these men and women will be the leaders in siege engineering, and lance warfare.

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Royal Scribe Wanted

With continued exasperation and muffled groans from advisors and nobility, and numerous missed Charter meetings. King Dleatherus of Bordweall has now posted, several times, a Royal Scribe title to aid in remembering. The charter reads:

Due to necessity and realm stability a new charter has been posted. The individual claiming this charter must incessantly follow King Dleatherus to ensure all wandering and rambling are left to a minimum. That all major policy discussions and meetings are transcribed, and copies are left in the King’s facilities to allow for ample re-reading. Ensure that at least three short period naps are had daily; that the King is wearing clothing, including the correct ceremonially attire; and sufficient amount of forewarnings are provided ahead of meetings.


Mayoress Kitlandria Bokest, a fellow host of the Bordweall Broadcasting Company stated, “I think it is a bit too much. He [King Dleatherus] is more than capable, and I only ever caught him napping in his plague mask  a dozen or so times during the show.” Some are thankful for the title posting, Count Elbereth Cedargore saying, “I am grateful to see that the King is receiving additional help. I’m not sure I ever want to see the royal staff again.”

Those wanting to claim this royal title, should remember to visit the Kingdom of Bordweall.

Elyrian Anthropology Survey – Brudvir

Written by Anders Anderson and Grandmaster Anthon Taelysziq of Arkyn


Brudvir are predominantly primitive hunter and gathers, with reliance on animal husbandry for dairy products. However, due to the absence of agricultural, cold and acidic soil environment, as well as the natural- and player-cycles of hunting. These forces leave the Brudvir in a perilous state for food, potentially relying on trade or agriculture outside of their native habitat, leaving the Brudvir in Sustained Food with a ranking of one out of five.

Living in the Alpine Forest, the Brudvir are constantly surrounded by conifers which is used throughout their culture and society, such as: heating, cooking and housing. The ampleness of the forests allows, if sustainably harvested, a near constant supply of trees. Which will help with those frigid nights, and carving competitions, leaving the Brudvir in Access to Energy a ranking of four of of five.

Although, one of the largest and physical tribes, the Brudvir primarily use bone and wood for tools and weapons which are abundant due to the constant need of hunting and surrounded by forests in their native habitat. Metal is present, but the availability causes it to be a secondary material. The rareness of these metals and mundane materials of bone and wood causes the Brudvir to have a three out of five in Materials of Weaponry.

Living in the Alpine Forest causes biological diversity to drop, this drop occurs with available materials as well. The Brudvir have an absence of unique materials in their native biome, and the materials that are present most tribes have access too. Being specialists in woodworking, and the durability and size of their conifers will, likely, help the Brudvir in trade and material wealth leaving with with a ranking in Material Wealth of two out of five.

The Alpine Forest serves as protection for its altitude and impenetrable evergreen forests, but compared to other tribes these forests only slow a marching army. A foe with the knowledge of permafrost preservation and ample food could remain in Brudvir biome till their food stock or armies collapse. Coupled with small population centers of town or villages, and wood the primary material for housing. Sieges and fires could destroy cities and forests leaving these small settlements dependent on their neighbors at times of war, leaving the Brudvir with a rank of two out of five in Defense.

The Brudvir, as with the Neran, have no disadvantages in regards to leaving their native biome. This coupled with understanding both Denhørt and Proto-Neran dialect, and the diffusion of Proto-Neran throughout the realms allows the Brudvir to travel quite freely, except for visiting their fellow Faedins the Kypiq. Allowing the Brudvir to have a rank of four out of five in Travel.

Due to knowing Proto-Neran dialect, friendliness with the Hrothi and Neran the Brudvir have potential trade and relation access through proxies with most of the tribes. The limitations to the Brudvir’s trade capacity, as well as material import and export is through distance and logistics causing the Brudvir to have a rank of four out of five in Trade.  

The visual appearance of the Brudvir, along with their chiseled landscape of the Alpine forest and mountains leaves the impression of dominance in war and of nature. However, the current known weakness of the Brudvir is their biome. Materials of Weaponry and Defense could be worked on through trade. As long as a sufficient amount of metal weapons and armor, stone walls are designed and developed, trade can cease with minimal interruption to Brudvir armies and defenses. However, Sustained Food, relying on hunting and gathering leaves the Brudvir vulnerable during war and insufficient hunting seasons; even while using livestock, and permafrost as a preservation method. This is due to the potential of overhunting and eco-destruction during war, and ability to sustain livestock in an environment unable to cultivate.

The strength of the Brudvir is exemplified in Trade and Travel. With no biome-based disadvantages, linguistics and physicality the Brudvir can travel, trade and battle in all realms. Compelled with their pack society expect Brudvir traders, mercenaries, raiders and guards seeking riches throughout the Kingdoms of Elyria.

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The Rise of Queen Violet Winterborne

Untitled presentation

Free Kingdom – The polls are in and it is all but decided. The voters will support Queen Violet Winterborne at a staggering 87% rate. This is only expected to grow and solidify as the election progresses. The candidates grass roots appeal and laser-like focus has paid off this election. When asked about their decision to vote Violet the most common responses was, “She answers stuff and seems helpful.” While some claim her actions were all self serving tactics for the elections the voters didn’t seem to agree or care if that were the case. Even after issues with self ascribed surrogates her standings grew. Early congratulations to Queen Winterborne may her reign be long and long live the Queen.

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