Cracks in the Shield Wall

Bloodoak – Sitting on his royal throne, King Dleatherus of Bordweall received alarming, unproven accusations of internal spying in the kingdom. Being indisposed, King Dleatherus had Protectorate Duke Noslim’s first act be to read the report through the chamber doors. These spying allegations centered around the Duchy of Singraven and Grand Earl [Count] Drax Baxton. It was alleged that Grand Earl Drax sent spies into all of the duchies, and guilds throughout the Kingdom of Bordweall. The allegations continued stating, “that he [Drax Baxton] demanded knowledge, subterfuge and the spread of deceit from his spies.”

Grand Earl Drax refused to comment on the allegations, instead shouting profusely, “These accusations are entirely false. Incredibly false. It is true, I do have eyes and ears everywhere, they’re great spies best of the best… but only in other kingdoms.” A fellow Grand Earl, Primus Dedumo attempted to jokingly quell the situation, “He listens because he has immense ears.” However, it has been reported that Grand Earl Drax Baxton also assisted in igniting the rebellion against the Duchy of Caeruleum, and subsequent tensions, as well as having a hand in the removal of the Brotherhood of the Fallen Blade from Singraven and much of the Kingdom of Bordweall.

blundering spy

Belived to be one of the top spies of Karrah. (Image courtesy of a concerned citizen.)

However, the validity of these allegations are doubtful at best. Grand Earl Drax is better known for his nonsensical banter, then his ability to run a clandestine spy network. If there is prominence to these claims, the Kingdoms of Elyria still need not fear. Rumors abound of the County of Karrah’s spies tripping onto their own daggers, drinking out of mislabeled vials, and accepting astonishingly small bribes; all of which, we can agree, are fine qualities of “great spies”. These instances, though ghastly comical, have caused many individuals to try and gauge the intentions of Grand Earl Drax’s “spies” and his protective cohorts. These allegations and subsequent leaks though, if proven true, may lead to cracks in King Dleatherus’ otherwise solid shield wall.



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