Evictions in Alésia

Rhyddid – As political turmoil in the Kingdom of Alésia continues, the first political pawns have been discovered and promptly discarded. These measures initially occurred in the Duchy of Rhyddid under Duchess Zhin Khovi. The official statement from the Appointed Queen Violet Winterlynn, “These citizens were found to be consorting with rebel factions within the Kingdom [of Alésia]. These unwarranted actions by disloyal [rebel] factions will never stand in the Kingdom. We must be vigilant, in cities, on the streets and in our homes; anyone could become a victim of this menacing, rebellious mindset.” During this address, loyal citizens and aristocrats of Duchess Zhin Khovi were summoned, tied and marched to the borders of the kingdom. Surrounded by guards at the border, the citizens and aristocrats were stripped of their citizenship and rank. At the border, Marquis Vetivier declared, “We must trust in the Queen’s word. That this will all be over when the rebels are crushed, and our true leaders will stop this.” Then walking towards the Knight Jarri and Edwin of the Blue Hearts, Ernesto whispered, “How did I do, do I have security clearance now? Queen Violet said that [Duchess] Zhin Khovi’s county will be mine soon…” The rest, that attempted to return to their homeland were blockaded and bludgeoned by the Knights of the Regime [Royal Guards]. Back in Rhyddid, locked in her personal estate Duchess Zhin Khovi remained under house arrest.


Rebel factions fighting against the crown within Rhyddid’s capital city Dileas

Throughout the Kingdom of Alésia these isolated operations against rebel factions continued into the night against Duke Jon Warren of Vitalis, as well as Duke Varuian Maulvorn of Thearyn. Both Dukes shared the same fate of Duchess Zhin Khovi, who is the alleged leader of the rebel faction – Crimson Thorns.

In the Kingdom of Alésia, there is a continued silencing of inquisitive and rebellious voices, especially as it relates to the brutality of Appointed Queen Violet Winterlynn. However, her strict actions against these voices is causing attention and there are now whispers of the Drunk King Phyllian dethroning Violet Winterlynn.

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