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Elyrian Anthropology Survey – Neran

Written by Anders Anderson and Grandmaster Anthon Taelysziq of Arkynneran-bust-min.png

With views that stretch out to the horizon, the birth of a new day allows settlements to arise from the plains. These grasslands provide fertile ground for the Neran to raise crops and livestock, while also being able to hunt the local wildlife roaming the plains. However, these food stocks lie outside of the shelter of settlement walls and are at the mercy of marauders, wildlife and nature. With expansion of settlements and the unprotected nature of Neran foodstocks, this leaves the Neran with a rank of three out of five in Sustained Food.  

Although the natural environment of the grassland is sparse with trees, the Neran have obtained a reliable energy source – coal. Having ventured into the distance hills or the depths of the underground, the Neran have discovered this bountiful source of energy. With this, settlements, furnaces and kitchens are fueled. However, a reliance on a single material can lead to ruin, but for now in Access to Energy the Neran have a rank of five out of five due to the presence of coal and trees.

The median of all tribes, the Neran primarily use wood and stone for their tools and weapons due to the nearness of the steppe at the borders of the grasslands. Although primitive in material design, the Neran also have some access to metal. This allow the Neran to have four out of five in Materials of Weaponry.

Amongst the fields, flora and fauna flourish in the grasslands and steppes. In the grasslands, with ample fertile land, diverse crops allow the sprouting and growth of wool, flax, mounts and livestock. This coupled with an increase in learning new skills, and ample possible trade of materials. Allows the Neran to have a ranking in Material Wealth of three out of five; the Neran have abundance, but seem to have similar materials as other tribes.

In the openness of the great plains there are feeble natural defenses thwarting armies. Rather, the Neran must rely on the engineering of their walls, or the holy swords, bows and shields of their armies in the plains. As fields, livestock and homes reside on the outside of settlement walls, food stock storage will have to be behind walls and the hope for room for all citizens. The sole comfort of the grasslands is line of sight, as enemy armies should be easy to spot. However, this may be a cruel comfort which only indicates the coming end. The Neran receive a rank of one out of five in Defense.

The Neran, as with the Brudvir and Hrothi, have no disadvantages in regards to leaving their native biome and mounts. This coupled with being native speakers of Neran, the most prolific language in Elyria. Currently, the Neran have no tribal turmoil which should allow them to travel throughout the realms with relative ease. With this the Neran receive a rank of five out of five in Travel.

Due to the absence of turmoil with tribes, prolific natural of Neran dialect, and alliances with the Hrothi, Kypiq and Brudvir the Neran are placed to be conduct trade throughout the realms. Coupled with the open, flat plains highways and roads will appear throughout the grasslands, and with strategic postings should be easily guarded due to the vast openness of the plains. Furthered by the potential of waterways, the Neran receive a four out of five in Trade. Their sole limitation being only initially speaking the Neran dialect.

The Neran are an economic, adventurous tribe which is exemplified in Trade and Travel, because of this the Material Wealth of the Neran and their allies travelling to the far reaches of Elyria. With learning Croçais and Isshek Neran could receives Material Wealth from all of the tribes, coupled with increased skill knowledge the Neran could become the pinnacle of crafting and trading. However, their Defense is their central weakness and Neran settlements could serve as bountiful loot for nearby realms. This can be overcome through Trade, receiving superior stone or metal from the Hrothi or through wealth contract Brudvir, Waerd or Janoa mercenaries to exact campaigns and battles. However, to obtain crafting and trading supremacy the Neran will have to trade to overcome their mundane Material Wealth.

The Neran will be the masters of adventuring, trade and with practice and advancement crafting as well. Prolific throughout the Kingdoms of Elyria, imploring their native language and no biome-biased disadvantages to explore. These abilities can also be exemplified in raiding and war, Neran will be common sight in most armies and orders as well.  

Turmoil in King Richfort’s Reign

Kairos In the midst of a financial crisis, the streets of Val’Praem were lined with thousands of people marching in protest to the cuts of public dental care. Chants raged through the streets exclaiming, “We need a crown, funding is down.” The tribe centered in this controversy are the To’resk. A tribe plagued with horrendous pain that could occur from simple acts, such as: eating, talking and singing.

These political qualms aren’t foreign to the To’resk having had public displays of affection known as ‘nibbling’ banned by royal decree only months ago by King Thared Richfort. During the dentistry protests Reja Tuth-ak stated, “This is a kingdom-wide travesty our taxes or medical infrastructure is swamped by these people.” While, at another dental protest Mikel Rutn’tof declared, “This is a basic right. We are the work force of this kingdom, and we demand rights for our health [dental care].” In protest against these tribal laws To’resk around the kingdom celebrated in mass public nibbling.

Unable to suppress and imprison all the To’resk local authorities pulled their forces. With looming debt and tribal tensions flaring the Kingdom of Kairos was inundated with flyers and banners from foreign entities.From the Kingdom of Bordweall, “Have an unnatural love of walls? Come to Bordweall! Because that’s all we have!” and Duchy of Artiaur, “Lonely, single male wanted! Duchess Aleerayn Aritaur Harem Recruitng. Most be obedient, provide own restraints and always talk back.”

It is unsure how King Thared Richfort will respond to such overwhelming controversy and unrest within Kairos.

Back From Retreat

Hail Dear Readers,

I’m proud to announce we are back from our writers retreat. We here appreciate the contributions our journalist give to our site and we decided to reward them with a little break away from the bustle of their duties. During our retreat, we found ourselves in the hills overlooking the beautiful vistas of the County of Penrith, the capital jewel of Vornair and home to King Adam Rhyne. While we won’t bore you with the details of all that happened, I can say journalists will be journalists so the questions and observations never ceased. Who knows what thrilling information will be released in the coming days and weeks. Who was gallivanting with Duchess Cynwynn in the night? Who was discreetly spying into Duke Bombastus’ affairs? Why was there a vote to decide the fate of Vornair? All will be told.

As our team makes the journey back from their much needed respite there is even more good news we want to share. In addition to our continuously updated forum page. The Elyrian Examiner is proud to announce we will be launching our very own Discord. This is to provide all of our readers a means to communicate more directly with us and allow discussion among yourselves. Join the Elyrian Examiner Discord; Stay in the know, Stay in the now!