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Turmoil in King Richfort’s Reign

Kairos In the midst of a financial crisis, the streets of Val’Praem were lined with thousands of people marching in protest to the cuts of public dental care. Chants raged through the streets exclaiming, “We need a crown, funding is down.” The tribe centered in this controversy are the To’resk. A tribe plagued with horrendous pain that could occur from simple acts, such as: eating, talking and singing.

These political qualms aren’t foreign to the To’resk having had public displays of affection known as ‘nibbling’ banned by royal decree only months ago by King Thared Richfort. During the dentistry protests Reja Tuth-ak stated, “This is a kingdom-wide travesty our taxes or medical infrastructure is swamped by these people.” While, at another dental protest Mikel Rutn’tof declared, “This is a basic right. We are the work force of this kingdom, and we demand rights for our health [dental care].” In protest against these tribal laws To’resk around the kingdom celebrated in mass public nibbling.

Unable to suppress and imprison all the To’resk local authorities pulled their forces. With looming debt and tribal tensions flaring the Kingdom of Kairos was inundated with flyers and banners from foreign entities.From the Kingdom of Bordweall, “Have an unnatural love of walls? Come to Bordweall! Because that’s all we have!” and Duchy of Artiaur, “Lonely, single male wanted! Duchess Aleerayn Aritaur Harem Recruitng. Most be obedient, provide own restraints and always talk back.”

It is unsure how King Thared Richfort will respond to such overwhelming controversy and unrest within Kairos.

Back From Retreat

Hail Dear Readers,

I’m proud to announce we are back from our writers retreat. We here appreciate the contributions our journalist give to our site and we decided to reward them with a little break away from the bustle of their duties. During our retreat, we found ourselves in the hills overlooking the beautiful vistas of the County of Penrith, the capital jewel of Vornair and home to King Adam Rhyne. While we won’t bore you with the details of all that happened, I can say journalists will be journalists so the questions and observations never ceased. Who knows what thrilling information will be released in the coming days and weeks. Who was gallivanting with Duchess Cynwynn in the night? Who was discreetly spying into Duke Bombastus’ affairs? Why was there a vote to decide the fate of Vornair? All will be told.

As our team makes the journey back from their much needed respite there is even more good news we want to share. In addition to our continuously updated forum page. The Elyrian Examiner is proud to announce we will be launching our very own Discord. This is to provide all of our readers a means to communicate more directly with us and allow discussion among yourselves. Join the Elyrian Examiner Discord; Stay in the know, Stay in the now!