State of the Examiner

Hail Elyrians,

We here at the Elyrian Examiner pride ourselves on our independence from political agendas or special interests. As such we will always strive to provide you the articles you want to read without bending to political and social pressures. That being said running an organization as large as ours is no easy venture. In order to better serve you, our readers; and provide the quality content you deserve, it is my duty to announce that the Elyrian Examiner will be introducing ads to some of its articles. With the introduction of ads we anticipate being able to expand our staff bringing in new journalist and editors to better provide you with the most compelling and up to date news you want to know about.

In addition to ads the Elyrian Examiner will shortly be launching our very own Discord to better connect with you, our readers. This Discord will serve as a hub for our community communication and give you the ability to exchange ideas and noteworthy information with our staff. We look forward to building a stronger connection to the community and our readers and look forward to hearing your thoughts, and ideas.

Stay in the Know, Stay in the Now!

Zachariah Zibell

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