In Memory of Sir. Simon Milligan

Dear Readers,

It is with a heavy heart that I must disclose that our dear friend and Editor-In-Chief, Sir Simon Milligan has passed away. Simon our thoughts are with you and your family and your memory will live on in our hearts. It brings me great sadness to present this to you dear readers and I hope that regardless of your feelings towards this news source you will join me in remembering a man who strived for excellence and to provide entertaining articles for all to enjoy. We have lost a proud member of our community today and he will be missed.

Thank You
Zachariah Zibell


  • Hello Dear Readers,
    I am Simon’s sister. This news letter was passed on to me by another member of your community. I appreciate getting to know this side of him. What he shared with you all was very personal and private to him. My dear brother was such a smart, funny, sarcastic loving person. He loved spending his spare time with you all. For those who have reached out to my family and I we appreciate all of the love you have shown. Your community is hurting but he would want you to continue to do what he and all of you enjoy so much.

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  • His wit was fantastic and entertaining. I had only just begun to get to know him as a person. All time spent talking with him was great fun and i will save those memories, My deep condolences to you and the family.


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