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The Fat Cats of Bordweall

Bordweall –  These 4-legged tyrants are reportedly the true power of the kingdom.



Doctor Furvago, Personal assistant and court physician to King Dleatherus, Duchy of Bloodoak


Admiral Bobo, 28 recorded victories at sea, defender of the Caeruleum Coast, Piratesbane, Wanted for privateering in Vornair and Alesia


Baron Buttons, a true statesman and powerbroker. Nothing happens in Seidrellia without Baron Buttons getting his cut.


Winston P. Fluffykins, Trade magnate of Trollfjell and all around gentleman, made wealth early with only a single wagon and a mule.


Mysterious Friendly Kitty, reportedly a transdimensional being, her wrath is matched only by her friendship, All of Singraven is friendlier from her influence.


The Kritken, The cutest of the Kaiju of the Drayrien


Fieldmarshall Whiskers, Strategic Military Genius and Supreme commander of the Armed Forces of Weristarc, responsible for many recent victories.  


Horatio Hobbes, Newscat, Lead editor of the Bordweall Broadcasting Company