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The Rise of Queen Violet Winterborne

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Free Kingdom – The polls are in and it is all but decided. The voters will support Queen Violet Winterborne at a staggering 87% rate. This is only expected to grow and solidify as the election progresses. The candidates grass roots appeal and laser-like focus has paid off this election. When asked about their decision to vote Violet the most common responses was, “She answers stuff and seems helpful.” While some claim her actions were all self serving tactics for the elections the voters didn’t seem to agree or care if that were the case. Even after issues with self ascribed surrogates her standings grew. Early congratulations to Queen Winterborne may her reign be long and long live the Queen.

Mystery Code

Luna – Here at the Examiner a strange message was received today:


Please respond.


13 33 15 42 24 25 23 55 25 53 31 31 35 44 31 21 44 52 53 32 11 12 31 35 53 53 14 23 22 32 11 53 24 25 23 13 53 51 32 23 22 53 11 33 22 52 25 53 52 45 33 31 11 53 15 31 12 22 32 11 53 22 53 32 35 23 25 14 54 23 25 24 53 44 31 22 32 25 42 32 11 53 52 33 51 11 42 24 23 24 33 15 44 32 12 23 22 33 12 51 14 15 42 55 25 23 35 31 54 25 23 21 32 25 44 34 53 15 15 53 25 31 44 22 52 32 11 53 52 33 14 53 31 12 32 31 31 12 15 53 22 32 15 42 32 11 53 33 53 53 22 25 53 15 53 44 31 53 52 55 23 23 52 22 53 35 31 32 23 21 23 25 25 23 35 32 11 53 25 23 42 44 15 55 33 44 25 52 35 12 15 15 31 53 44 25 51 11 32 11 25 23 33 55 11 15 42 53 34 53 25 42 31 53 34 53 22 32 11 11 23 33 31 53 32 11 12 31 35 12 15 15 14 53 53 24 32 11 53 53 22 32 12 25 53 14 12 22 55 52 23 21 51 11 44 31 12 22 55 23 33 25 55 11 23 31 32 31 33 22 32 12 15 32 11 53 21 23 23 22 25 12 31 53 31 44 54 32 53 25 32 11 53 31 53 44 25 51 11 53 31 32 11 53 54 23 23 52 31 11 23 33 15 52 52 23 35 53 15 15 32 23 14 53 53 24 33 31 25 53 44 52 42 54 23 25 42 23 33 32 23 31 12 55 22 44 15 33 31 35 11 53 22 52 23 42 23 33 35 44 22 32 32 11 53 51 12 25 51 15 53 32 23 32 44 14 53 32 11 53 51 44 25 25 12 44 55 53 32 23 32 11 53 53 31 51 44 24 53 24 23 12 22 32 52 23 35 53 22 23 35 14 22 23 35 53 22 23 33 55 11 12 22 54 23 25 21 44 32 12 23 22 23 25 52 23 35 53 22 53 53 52 21 23 25 53

Gary S.V.N.

If you are able to find out this message please inform our editor’s desk here.

Interview Madness: Seele



Free Kingdoms – Today Anders Andersen speaks with Seele in an exciting interview that must only be read to be believed!

Anders Andersen (AA): Do you feel your comprehensive plans are too advanced for most voters?
Seele (SE): I don’t really see my plans as being too advanced for most voters, and I like to give a lot of credit for people’s intelligence. Particularly a game like CoE which tends to attract the more intelligent end of the spectrum in terms of online playerbase. I am conscious though, that my ideas might be too thorough or less interesting for some voters when compared to some of the more sexy high-level concepts that other candidates are focusing their energies on. But the reality is that if you want a stable, well-thought out government that gives people the confidence required to invest heavily in businesses, or foreign heads of state the confidence that the person across the table is a formidable monarch, or someone who knows how to conduct a sustained and widespread war and not just someone good at individual battles, then you’re going to want someone like me on the throne.
AA: What are three basic rights of your citizens that will be guaranteed under your rule?
SE: The right to inherit in-line with absolute primogeniture; The right to stand trial under the justice system of the Kingdom; And the right to travel between settlements, Baronies, Counties, and Duchies within the Kingdom, without the need to pay a toll.
AA: Spring forward: Viking Fashion or Pirate Fashion?
SE: The answer is obvious. No one ever looks at a real Viking, or even Techno-Viking, and thinks “I can take him”.
AA: What do you feel is the singular greatest challenge you will face in the first 6 months post election?
SE: When I win, it’s going to be deciding on what Duchies we’re going to let into the reserved slots for the Kingdom. I think just outright denying anyone from the campaign the ability to bring along duchies that want to be part of the Kingdom would set a very sour note for the Kingdom from its beginning. But by the same token, there needs to some discussion and ultimately monarch decisions over which duchies are given those reserved slots and for what reasons. We don’t want to set up a situation where some duchies are joining but aren’t going to be committed to the kingdom, or loyal to the crown.
AA: What three guests would you most want to see at your coronation?
SE: Coronations are just pomp and ceremony. Any man who must have a big display to say “I am the King”, is no true King.
AA: How will you reach out to the rest of the Kingdoms politically?
SE: I already have reached out to them. They are cordial with me and I certainly have a good amount of respect for the Adam, Dleatherus, and Thared. They are of course polite and amiable in return, and happy to discuss and pontificate about a broad range of political, diplomatic, and economic considerations with me as a candidate, but I don’t think those relationships with other Kingdoms will truly be cemented until they have surety over what my own place in the Free Kingdom is going to be.
AA: Do you have any ideas for national holidays?
SE: The obvious one is the death of the mad Emperor and the fall of the Xeilias Empire. Happy Free Kingdom Day?
AA: There are rumors of you being unfairly attacked by competitors would you like to elaborate that situation?
SE: I personally haven’t seen much in the way of unfair attacks by other candidates. Supporters of other candidates have been talking shit, sure, but not the candidates themselves. The only unfair comment from another candidate I’ve seen was the one from Violet which tried to say that I had not built the gaming community of the SWC Empire up myself, rather, I had simply been handed it by my successor. I found that to be a rather uninformed statement to make publicly to try to undermine me; but what I’m doing in response is pulling together some references about my work in that other community to address the question of what I’ve achieved in other games.
AA: How do you feel you will mend the rifts created by this contest?
SE: Honestly, I believe the greatest thing to mend any rifts in this contest will be to recognise the talents and drivers of the Dukes that fall out of the competition, and to make sure that those talents are leveraged for the betterment of the Kingdom. There is a lot of focus on the competition at the moment because it’s activity, and potential drama, but after the competition is over then it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start building the actual kingdom together. I think CoE itself, as in the real game, will be more than enough to keep us all busy and focused on our jobs and the kingdom.
AA: What program can you implement do you feel will help your citizens the most?
SE: I plan on ensuring the Kingdom invests heavily in the Kingdom to build up our economy to make it self-sufficient to the extent possible, resistant to shocks, and has a lot of creativity that adds value to the kingdom. This will be in the form of co-investment by the kingdom, and should give access to capital that’s needed for people to start up great ideas, to invest in infrastructure, or expand operations. In return, the Kingdom gets a share of the profits, which it can then reinvest in the Kingdom.
AA: Out of the current Interview participants (Maulvorn, Nihz, Duffy, Jon Warren) what position would you have for each of them?
SE: Jon’s economic knowledge and creativity has been on display for everyone to see, so I see the Lord Chancellor (Economy & Production) role being perfect for him. Duffy is well spoken, articulate, has his fingers in many pies already, and developed a solid and respected reputation in the competition thus far, so he’s the kind of person I’d be looking at for Lord Commissioner (Foreign Affairs & Intrigue). NiHZ and Maulvorn are both leading religious roleplay, so I’d be quite happy to let the pair of them duke it out on the religion front, and which one triumphs in the hearts and minds of the Kingdom, would be Archbishop.
AA: What are some ideas you have for growing local infrastructure?
SE: Since I answered for private enterprise above, I’m going to focus this answer on the local and public infrastructure. What I want to see is investment by the Kingdom, Duchy, County, and Settlements in their public infrastructure. Not only does the construction of those roads, bridges, waterwheels, ports etc end up providing jobs and opportunities for players to design and build, but they also provide the capacity for regions to foster and encourage new businesses and expansion of extant ones. Co-investment by the tiers of government is going to be important for the strategic infrastructure, but the real interesting question will be the views of people within the kingdom regarding private investment into public infrastructure; where much of the medieval and renaissance public infrastructure we see in Europe actually came from.
When asked for final thoughts Seele, in a formal and earnest tone said:
This isn’t a campaign for some guild leadership. We are looking for someone with the composure, the experience, the knowledge, the skills, and the expertise to forge a new kingdom in the game. For anyone who looks at my campaign and thinks to themselves “This is a person who could wear the crown and rule a good kingdom“, then be sure to send in your tokens to help me become the King.

Interview Madness: NiHZ

handlebar-mustache-black-graphic-on-grey-background.pngFree Kingdom – Today lead reporter sits with candidate NiHZ for a quaint and deep interview:

Anders Andersen (AA): How often do you wax your moustache?

NiHZ (NZ): Every 42 minutes. I have a small retinue of Kypiq groomers at the ready for while I’m asleep and while I’m busy doing other things. Don’t mind them, I’m cutting this interview a little close. They get antsy.

AA:What are three basic rights of your citizens that will be guaranteed under your rule?

NZ: The right to travel; I have no desire to have citizens be pigeonholed into whatever town or county or duchy they begin in. The right to petition an audience with their leadership. The right to assemble peacefully.

AA: Spring forward: Viking Fashion or Pirate Fashion?

NZ: Pirates are very -in- right now. I have to admit I have grown a fondness for eyepatches lately.

AA: What do you feel is the singular greatest challenge you will face in the first 6 months post election?

NZ: Well, first it would be setting up my community infrastructure. Forums, discord, branding, hierarchy, and picking up all of the loose leaf pamphlets left behind by the Church of Thearyn.

AA: What three guests would you most want to see at your coronation?

NZ: Lovely bird Caeoltoiri, whom I miss.
Count CheshireOne, who has stuck with me for two years.
And Duke Cyneric Torrin, who said “NiHZ for Queen!” at the back of an assembly one day and inspired me to go for Gold.

AA: How will you reach out to the rest of the Kingdoms politically?

NZ: I’ve already become friendly with them. I’ve played games with two, and had debates with another. Once the game has started, I hope to maintain the good relationship I have with these kingdoms while we all look inward to our own communities and work on building ourselves up as quickly as possible.

AA: Do you have any ideas for national holidays?

NZ: The Trimming of the Stache will fall on every third moon. Those with interest will come and see the royal Kypiq groomers carefully trim the stray moustache hairs and release them to the wind.

AA: How do you respond to critics who say you aren’t aggressive enough to be queen?

NZ: I’m clearly not a campaigner. I don’t like to shove myself out there in people’s faces. I like to manage communities, listen to people’s ideas, and find the best way to implement them. I like it, and I do it well. If my campaign is what people mean by not aggressive enough, they don’t understand what it means to be a leader. My quiet campaign may lose me the contest because I’m not the loudest, flashiest, most adorable candidate, but I will still be here after the pomp and circumstance is over.

AA: How do you feel you will mend the rifts created by this contest?

NZ: Give a little to get a lot. This kingdom is going to be a game of compromising in many ways, but everyone will have their own duchies and counties to play around in how they like. That’s what makes losing less of an issue.

AA: What program can you implement do(that?) you feel will help your citizens the most?

NZ: Resource exchange. At the very beginning, helping to facilitate trade as quickly as possible between settlements will help speed along building and progress. I think it’s going to be important to help people out with that as much as we can for the first few months. Setting up a place on the forums or discord where people can ask or offer trades, and then funding a transport guild that wants to do deliveries will be a great way to boost the kingdom towards better things.

AA: Out of the current Interview participants (Maulvorn, Seele, Duffy, Jon Warren) what position would you have for each of them?

NZ: Seele in Policy, Jon in Economy. Maulvorn might find a place as a leader of religion, if he’s interested, but only if he can dial it back a bit to be open to research and study on more than his own faith.

Duffy knows where Duffy goes.

AA: What are some ideas you have for growing local infrastructure?

NZ: One of the most interesting things I see in the coming features is zoning and taxation. Lowering that taxation on certain zones to encourage growth in that area will be a great tool in nudging people towards certain professions in certain areas. If a count wants to put their farms in one area and their commercial districts in another, they can tell their mayors that and promise to lower the taxation on those things in those areas. It’ll help with organization and building up what’s needed most on a County level.

When asked if there were any final thoughts NiHZ has this to say to our attentive readers:

NZ: Hm. Don’t vote for the first person you see. Don’t fall for the cult of personality. Look for the future, look for the people who are putting in the work. Look for the people who are patient, welcoming, and inclusive. It’s a popularity contest and a money contest, but the voting doesn’t end on the 31st.

Now it is time for the vote to decide a winner.

Bordweall’s Secret Weapon


Bordweall – One wonders how the Bordweall plans to keep its promise of never being conquered. It seems that they hide a fantastic secret. Dastard the tiny Dragon. This diminutive terror is said to have wings of hurricane and teeth of swords. The tiny dragon also has a near endless supply of cookies to give away . . . for a price. While harmless to “Wallers”, this being is no doubt a powerful and only scarcely understood adversary. It is rumored this beast has a fief of its own and is a cautious steward of its acolytes. Will Bordweall eventually be host to a whole brood of dragons? Time will tell.

Interview Madness: Jon Warren


Free Kingdom – Good day readers, today reporter Anders Andersen sits with candidate Jon Warren for a candid interview of the hot topics of today.

Anders Andersen (AA): How will you ensure prosperity in a kingdom as Fractured as the Free Kingdoms?

Jon Warren (JW): Being a fractured kingdom is a strength in a way. The differences in us creates diversity of thought and that diversity grows new ideas. incentivizing new Ideas allows the kingdom to grow and prosper.

AA: What are three basic rights guaranteed under your regime?

JW: Rights to Life, Property, and Free expression of thought.

AA: What will be the hottest fashion this spring Vikings or Pirates?

JW: Definitely Vikings

AA: What do you feel is the singular greatest challenge you face in the first six months post the election?

JW: Unification of the kingdom and stability. We will need to  handle large, fast population increases,  those people need to be fostered, trained, and learn cooperation with the kingdom’s culture so we can all prosper.

AA: What three guests would you like to have attend your coronation?

JW: King Dleatherus of Bordweall, King Thared of Kairos, and King Adam of Vornair.

AA: How will you reach out to the other kingdoms politically?

JW: Through trade and remaining peacefully neutral. I have negotiated some mutual financial deals in partnership with Kairos that will help grow both of our economies.

AA: Do you have any ideas for national holidays?

JW: I want to make national holidays to commemorate great events of national pride that occur after the founding of the dynasty.

AA:  You have a well-known reputation for your schemes to generate tokens, how did you come to your political strategy?

JW: I have a sharp mind for solving problems. I greatly appreciate the support of my followers and want to demonstrate a way to show that their support of me benefits themselves as well. I want my supporters to know they have value and I want that value to increase.

AA: How do you feel you will mend the rifts created by this contest?

JW: I would talk to the parties privately, find out their needs and issue, then mediate the situation to the best result possible. This won’t happen quickly in some cases, but it is for the benefit of the kingdom overall. I also want to have the nobility attend group events to socialize together, encouraging bridge building and personal bonding of the community.

AA: How will you draw players skeptical of the Free Kingdom’s stability?

JW: Some may be hard to convince, but i want to show good community and mutual, beneficial prosperity for all who are in the kingdom.

AA: Out of the current Interview participants (Maulvorn, Seele, Nihz, Duffy) what position would you have for each of them?

JW: Seele has great writing skills, I can see him putting legislation and policies to words in order for them to be available and clear to everyone. Nihz would make a good religious advisor helping keep the spirits of the people uplifted. Duffy (The Concierge) has interesting academic ideas that I like. Maulvorn would be Master of Horses to give the kingdom the best mounted soldiers.

When asked for final thoughts candidate Jon Warren had to say: The way I am designing Vitalis is to be a beacon of prosperity, safety and growth. Where entrepreneurship is rewarded and you are compensated fairly for the duties you perform. Together we can be the light of success across the face of the world.

Now it is time for the voters to decide.

Interview Madness: The Concierge


Free Kingdom – This is part two of out interview series on the Free Kingdom monarch candidates. Today lead reporter Anders Anderson sits with Duffy: the Concierge.

Anders Andersen (AA): How will you ensure order in a kingdom as Fractured as the Free Kingdoms?

Duffy the Concierge (TC): A simple set of kingdom wide laws backed by local and kingdom level police should keep low-level order without much trouble. Additionally enabling the general populace to accomplish their goals via insuring their safety and kingdom wise initiatives should help keep order. Within the nobility it’s matter of getting everyone on the same page and working towards common goals by exploiting each individual’s area of expertise and allowing them freedom to rule their territory as they see fit; so long as they do not contradict the base kingdom laws.

AA: What are three basic rights of your citizens that will be guaranteed under your rule?

TC: I currently have three “Cardinal” laws that will form the basis of my legal system: 1. Mutually agreed upon explicit Contracts are enforced above all else. 2. Self Determination for all. (Catch-all safety guarantee) 3. Right to Petition. The first law is an important basis. By minimizing any legal restrictions on contracts I can give players far more control over what they can do in-game so long as all parties to the contract agree with the terms. This is mainly where I expect my push for positive use of deviant mechanics to come into play. The second law will be covered by the implicit laws of the land that will protect players and their property, but it also reinforces the first law by allowing an agreed upon explicit contract to override any implicit laws. Finally, the third law is to ensure that the people have access to their nobility. I’ll be implementing a simple petition procedure to insure any issues, ideas, or complaints get resolved or escalated to a level that can resolve the petition.

AA: Spring forward: Viking Fashion or Pirate Fashion?

TC: Viking all the way, they’re far superior all around.

AA: What do you feel is the singular greatest challenge you will face in the first 6 months post the election?

TC: Getting the economy going on a Kingdom scale; with the economy comes everything else. Moving out of the initial localized barter/communist stage and into a full-blown inter-regional currency based capitalist system will be a huge priority. I anticipate getting the infrastructure and logistics going to support this will be a significant challenge.

AA: What three guests would you most want to see at your coronation?

TC: I don’t particularly care for pageantry, we’ll have too much work to do.

AA: How will you reach out to the rest of the Kingdoms politically?

TC: I’ve already chatted with the other Kings or official kingdom representatives and those conversations have been amicable. I’m anticipating continuing that high level open dialogue as time goes on while also building some basic diplomatic frameworks to handle more technical aspects like trade or border disputes. Additionally we’ll need guidelines for communication with Dukes, Counts, and Mayors in other kingdoms to insure important information at any level is disseminated appropriately and does not get lost.

AA: Do you have any ideas for national holidays? 

TC: Nothing solid at the moment, but I’m imaging holding various community events and activities across the kingdom from time to time and those could easily be tied to some holidays we create around some aspect of the game’s setting.

AA: You have a well-known reputation for your deviancy do you still feel this helps your cause to be king?
TC: It’s a mixed bag and the primary reason I clarified and re-branded early on in the race. On the one hand those that just take a quick glance tend to get scared off if they have no interest in deviant mechanics. On the other hand those that read the guts of my framework or chat with me get that it’s not that big a deal and I’m definitely not advertising for an anything goes deviant kingdom. I’m trying to find ways to make sure the day-to-day use of deviant mechanics have a productive and positive place in the kingdom instead of relegating them purely to criminals and politics.
AA: How do you feel you will mend the rifts created by this contest?
TC: I think the key to mending any potential rifts is a clean and simple kingdom framework to avoid any sort of favoritism accusations followed by pushing people in productive directions that play to their strengths. That should help keep the headbutting to a minimum or at least prevent it from negatively affecting the kingdom. At least as long as it doesn’t reach too hostile a level. If things get out of hand it’s possible more severe steps would need to be taken, but I don’t foresee that being necessary with the currently known lead candidates.
AA: How will you deal with internal factions within the kingdom?
TC: Factions are okay as long as they can work within the kingdom’s framework. Having different viewpoints is important for healthy discussion and improving the kingdom over time. If a faction became problematic due to something like making power grabs, then there’s always the usual options to deal with conflict: diplomacy, sanctions/social pressure, assassins, and Casus Belli.
AA: Out of the current Interview participants (Maulvorn, Seele, Nihz, Jon Warren) what position would you have for each of them?
TC: Jon and I have recently discussed a bunch of economic ideas and that is the area he promotes the hardest, so pretty clearly he’s the Economic Advisor. Seele seems very talented at building bureaucracy and has a strong inclination towards logistics so he could fill the Policy/Legal Advisor role. Nihz is probably the most well-balanced of us image and personality wise, she would make a very good Head Diplomat/Foreign Affairs advisor. Maulvorn obviously has the religious corner, but I think he might not be too bad as a Military Advisor. I would of course deal with Espionage and Counter Espionage along with my Kingly duties.
At this point the candidate was asked if there were any further closing statements but he declined. So now it is up to you, the voter, to decide.
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