Editorial: Uniting the Free Kingdom


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By Varuian Maulvorn – Greetings all! I am writing this article to try and show how I think the free kingdom can unify from a point of view from someone actually in the race for the monarch position.

I am speaking about how the average player in the free kingdom will play a role in the unification and stabilisation of the realm, the average player in Thearyn will be absolutely pivotal in it’s success.

You guys are the ones that stimulate local economies, you want to be a chair maker in the village of lower heath? That is a good thing to do as you will interact with the community and economy by doing so! By providing the tools and environment for you to engage in what my candidacy has to offer, you, the average blacksmith, baker and community member will be what makes or breaks the kingdom!

This is my cast iron pledge to do whatever I can to ensure you have a fun, immersive experience. The Church if Thearyn is but one tool for this as it opens up a whole new avenue of approach for you, a monastery has set up near your village for example, you are a chairmaker and that is a whole new customer base right there.

If you have any questions, doubts or just want a chat then visit our discord



King Varuian Maulvorn – Candidate for the Free Kingdom

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