Interview Madness: NiHZ

handlebar-mustache-black-graphic-on-grey-background.pngFree Kingdom – Today lead reporter sits with candidate NiHZ for a quaint and deep interview:

Anders Andersen (AA): How often do you wax your moustache?

NiHZ (NZ): Every 42 minutes. I have a small retinue of Kypiq groomers at the ready for while I’m asleep and while I’m busy doing other things. Don’t mind them, I’m cutting this interview a little close. They get antsy.

AA:What are three basic rights of your citizens that will be guaranteed under your rule?

NZ: The right to travel; I have no desire to have citizens be pigeonholed into whatever town or county or duchy they begin in. The right to petition an audience with their leadership. The right to assemble peacefully.

AA: Spring forward: Viking Fashion or Pirate Fashion?

NZ: Pirates are very -in- right now. I have to admit I have grown a fondness for eyepatches lately.

AA: What do you feel is the singular greatest challenge you will face in the first 6 months post election?

NZ: Well, first it would be setting up my community infrastructure. Forums, discord, branding, hierarchy, and picking up all of the loose leaf pamphlets left behind by the Church of Thearyn.

AA: What three guests would you most want to see at your coronation?

NZ: Lovely bird Caeoltoiri, whom I miss.
Count CheshireOne, who has stuck with me for two years.
And Duke Cyneric Torrin, who said “NiHZ for Queen!” at the back of an assembly one day and inspired me to go for Gold.

AA: How will you reach out to the rest of the Kingdoms politically?

NZ: I’ve already become friendly with them. I’ve played games with two, and had debates with another. Once the game has started, I hope to maintain the good relationship I have with these kingdoms while we all look inward to our own communities and work on building ourselves up as quickly as possible.

AA: Do you have any ideas for national holidays?

NZ: The Trimming of the Stache will fall on every third moon. Those with interest will come and see the royal Kypiq groomers carefully trim the stray moustache hairs and release them to the wind.

AA: How do you respond to critics who say you aren’t aggressive enough to be queen?

NZ: I’m clearly not a campaigner. I don’t like to shove myself out there in people’s faces. I like to manage communities, listen to people’s ideas, and find the best way to implement them. I like it, and I do it well. If my campaign is what people mean by not aggressive enough, they don’t understand what it means to be a leader. My quiet campaign may lose me the contest because I’m not the loudest, flashiest, most adorable candidate, but I will still be here after the pomp and circumstance is over.

AA: How do you feel you will mend the rifts created by this contest?

NZ: Give a little to get a lot. This kingdom is going to be a game of compromising in many ways, but everyone will have their own duchies and counties to play around in how they like. That’s what makes losing less of an issue.

AA: What program can you implement do(that?) you feel will help your citizens the most?

NZ: Resource exchange. At the very beginning, helping to facilitate trade as quickly as possible between settlements will help speed along building and progress. I think it’s going to be important to help people out with that as much as we can for the first few months. Setting up a place on the forums or discord where people can ask or offer trades, and then funding a transport guild that wants to do deliveries will be a great way to boost the kingdom towards better things.

AA: Out of the current Interview participants (Maulvorn, Seele, Duffy, Jon Warren) what position would you have for each of them?

NZ: Seele in Policy, Jon in Economy. Maulvorn might find a place as a leader of religion, if he’s interested, but only if he can dial it back a bit to be open to research and study on more than his own faith.

Duffy knows where Duffy goes.

AA: What are some ideas you have for growing local infrastructure?

NZ: One of the most interesting things I see in the coming features is zoning and taxation. Lowering that taxation on certain zones to encourage growth in that area will be a great tool in nudging people towards certain professions in certain areas. If a count wants to put their farms in one area and their commercial districts in another, they can tell their mayors that and promise to lower the taxation on those things in those areas. It’ll help with organization and building up what’s needed most on a County level.

When asked if there were any final thoughts NiHZ has this to say to our attentive readers:

NZ: Hm. Don’t vote for the first person you see. Don’t fall for the cult of personality. Look for the future, look for the people who are putting in the work. Look for the people who are patient, welcoming, and inclusive. It’s a popularity contest and a money contest, but the voting doesn’t end on the 31st.

Now it is time for the vote to decide a winner.

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