Interview Madness: The Concierge


Free Kingdom – This is part two of out interview series on the Free Kingdom monarch candidates. Today lead reporter Anders Anderson sits with Duffy: the Concierge.

Anders Andersen (AA): How will you ensure order in a kingdom as Fractured as the Free Kingdoms?

Duffy the Concierge (TC): A simple set of kingdom wide laws backed by local and kingdom level police should keep low-level order without much trouble. Additionally enabling the general populace to accomplish their goals via insuring their safety and kingdom wise initiatives should help keep order. Within the nobility it’s matter of getting everyone on the same page and working towards common goals by exploiting each individual’s area of expertise and allowing them freedom to rule their territory as they see fit; so long as they do not contradict the base kingdom laws.

AA: What are three basic rights of your citizens that will be guaranteed under your rule?

TC: I currently have three “Cardinal” laws that will form the basis of my legal system: 1. Mutually agreed upon explicit Contracts are enforced above all else. 2. Self Determination for all. (Catch-all safety guarantee) 3. Right to Petition. The first law is an important basis. By minimizing any legal restrictions on contracts I can give players far more control over what they can do in-game so long as all parties to the contract agree with the terms. This is mainly where I expect my push for positive use of deviant mechanics to come into play. The second law will be covered by the implicit laws of the land that will protect players and their property, but it also reinforces the first law by allowing an agreed upon explicit contract to override any implicit laws. Finally, the third law is to ensure that the people have access to their nobility. I’ll be implementing a simple petition procedure to insure any issues, ideas, or complaints get resolved or escalated to a level that can resolve the petition.

AA: Spring forward: Viking Fashion or Pirate Fashion?

TC: Viking all the way, they’re far superior all around.

AA: What do you feel is the singular greatest challenge you will face in the first 6 months post the election?

TC: Getting the economy going on a Kingdom scale; with the economy comes everything else. Moving out of the initial localized barter/communist stage and into a full-blown inter-regional currency based capitalist system will be a huge priority. I anticipate getting the infrastructure and logistics going to support this will be a significant challenge.

AA: What three guests would you most want to see at your coronation?

TC: I don’t particularly care for pageantry, we’ll have too much work to do.

AA: How will you reach out to the rest of the Kingdoms politically?

TC: I’ve already chatted with the other Kings or official kingdom representatives and those conversations have been amicable. I’m anticipating continuing that high level open dialogue as time goes on while also building some basic diplomatic frameworks to handle more technical aspects like trade or border disputes. Additionally we’ll need guidelines for communication with Dukes, Counts, and Mayors in other kingdoms to insure important information at any level is disseminated appropriately and does not get lost.

AA: Do you have any ideas for national holidays? 

TC: Nothing solid at the moment, but I’m imaging holding various community events and activities across the kingdom from time to time and those could easily be tied to some holidays we create around some aspect of the game’s setting.

AA: You have a well-known reputation for your deviancy do you still feel this helps your cause to be king?
TC: It’s a mixed bag and the primary reason I clarified and re-branded early on in the race. On the one hand those that just take a quick glance tend to get scared off if they have no interest in deviant mechanics. On the other hand those that read the guts of my framework or chat with me get that it’s not that big a deal and I’m definitely not advertising for an anything goes deviant kingdom. I’m trying to find ways to make sure the day-to-day use of deviant mechanics have a productive and positive place in the kingdom instead of relegating them purely to criminals and politics.
AA: How do you feel you will mend the rifts created by this contest?
TC: I think the key to mending any potential rifts is a clean and simple kingdom framework to avoid any sort of favoritism accusations followed by pushing people in productive directions that play to their strengths. That should help keep the headbutting to a minimum or at least prevent it from negatively affecting the kingdom. At least as long as it doesn’t reach too hostile a level. If things get out of hand it’s possible more severe steps would need to be taken, but I don’t foresee that being necessary with the currently known lead candidates.
AA: How will you deal with internal factions within the kingdom?
TC: Factions are okay as long as they can work within the kingdom’s framework. Having different viewpoints is important for healthy discussion and improving the kingdom over time. If a faction became problematic due to something like making power grabs, then there’s always the usual options to deal with conflict: diplomacy, sanctions/social pressure, assassins, and Casus Belli.
AA: Out of the current Interview participants (Maulvorn, Seele, Nihz, Jon Warren) what position would you have for each of them?
TC: Jon and I have recently discussed a bunch of economic ideas and that is the area he promotes the hardest, so pretty clearly he’s the Economic Advisor. Seele seems very talented at building bureaucracy and has a strong inclination towards logistics so he could fill the Policy/Legal Advisor role. Nihz is probably the most well-balanced of us image and personality wise, she would make a very good Head Diplomat/Foreign Affairs advisor. Maulvorn obviously has the religious corner, but I think he might not be too bad as a Military Advisor. I would of course deal with Espionage and Counter Espionage along with my Kingly duties.
At this point the candidate was asked if there were any further closing statements but he declined. So now it is up to you, the voter, to decide.

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