Interview Madness: Jon Warren


Free Kingdom – Good day readers, today reporter Anders Andersen sits with candidate Jon Warren for a candid interview of the hot topics of today.

Anders Andersen (AA): How will you ensure prosperity in a kingdom as Fractured as the Free Kingdoms?

Jon Warren (JW): Being a fractured kingdom is a strength in a way. The differences in us creates diversity of thought and that diversity grows new ideas. incentivizing new Ideas allows the kingdom to grow and prosper.

AA: What are three basic rights guaranteed under your regime?

JW: Rights to Life, Property, and Free expression of thought.

AA: What will be the hottest fashion this spring Vikings or Pirates?

JW: Definitely Vikings

AA: What do you feel is the singular greatest challenge you face in the first six months post the election?

JW: Unification of the kingdom and stability. We will need to  handle large, fast population increases,  those people need to be fostered, trained, and learn cooperation with the kingdom’s culture so we can all prosper.

AA: What three guests would you like to have attend your coronation?

JW: King Dleatherus of Bordweall, King Thared of Kairos, and King Adam of Vornair.

AA: How will you reach out to the other kingdoms politically?

JW: Through trade and remaining peacefully neutral. I have negotiated some mutual financial deals in partnership with Kairos that will help grow both of our economies.

AA: Do you have any ideas for national holidays?

JW: I want to make national holidays to commemorate great events of national pride that occur after the founding of the dynasty.

AA:  You have a well-known reputation for your schemes to generate tokens, how did you come to your political strategy?

JW: I have a sharp mind for solving problems. I greatly appreciate the support of my followers and want to demonstrate a way to show that their support of me benefits themselves as well. I want my supporters to know they have value and I want that value to increase.

AA: How do you feel you will mend the rifts created by this contest?

JW: I would talk to the parties privately, find out their needs and issue, then mediate the situation to the best result possible. This won’t happen quickly in some cases, but it is for the benefit of the kingdom overall. I also want to have the nobility attend group events to socialize together, encouraging bridge building and personal bonding of the community.

AA: How will you draw players skeptical of the Free Kingdom’s stability?

JW: Some may be hard to convince, but i want to show good community and mutual, beneficial prosperity for all who are in the kingdom.

AA: Out of the current Interview participants (Maulvorn, Seele, Nihz, Duffy) what position would you have for each of them?

JW: Seele has great writing skills, I can see him putting legislation and policies to words in order for them to be available and clear to everyone. Nihz would make a good religious advisor helping keep the spirits of the people uplifted. Duffy (The Concierge) has interesting academic ideas that I like. Maulvorn would be Master of Horses to give the kingdom the best mounted soldiers.

When asked for final thoughts candidate Jon Warren had to say: The way I am designing Vitalis is to be a beacon of prosperity, safety and growth. Where entrepreneurship is rewarded and you are compensated fairly for the duties you perform. Together we can be the light of success across the face of the world.

Now it is time for the voters to decide.

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