Interview Madness: Maulvorn

Free Kingdom – Welcome to the first of our final candidate interviews before the close of results. Todays Interview is Maulvorn, Leader of the Thearyn movement. He sat down with our interviewer, lead reporter, Anders Andersen, to answer some questions.

Anders Andersen (AA): How were the reactions to your recent film?

Varuian Maulvorn (VM): It was targeted to a core audience of those that are interested in the narrative we are offering, towards those people it was very successful. Our opposition jumped on it but that is to be expected.

AA: What do you think will be the lead fashion this spring? Pirates or Vikings?

VM: In Thearyn I have already had a sneak peek into some of the trendy Gentry fashion; Here have a look at these sketches

Nice, simple fashion to show committment to modesty. Whatever “viking” or “pirate” fashion is we Thearyn pride ourselves on our own identity.

AA: What are the preferred dining utensils and courtesies in your court?

VM: For meal times it would be the simple starter plates for the first course with its own set of knives and forks, then the dinner plate with it’s own knives and forks (they change dependent on what the meal is) with a dessert plate/bowl with spoon and knife ,  drinks will be served in cups or goblets with the drinks being served in pitchers (so the dinner guests will serve themselves) – Food will be simple most days with only fancy dishes being served when foreign dignitaries around; otherwise a part of being virtuous  is modesty, spending more than needed on simple dinner is a waste.

AA: What three guests do you want to see most at your coronation?

VM: Flawliss for his nonstop effort and commitment to the cause, Quency for his wisdom and Serpentius for being sagely.

AA:  Do you have any ideas for national holidays?

VM: Thearyn Unification day which is celebrated every 8 years – to commemorate the 8 years it took to unify our people.

AA: What are three basic rights of your citizens that will be guaranteed under your rule?

VM: The right to a home or living accommodations, the right to travel and work, the right to food, Virtori faith and self-improvement. Not to say these aren’t the only rights citizens have, just listing three.

AA: How do you feel about the less than excited response by most people to the idea of a Virtori Theocracy?

VM: It is to be expected but once they see the positives it brings they will change their minds; I have commissioned Flawliss to create a presentation of the Church once they the see what Thearyn has to offer they will change their minds and they can see how that would work with what most of their plans entail.

AA: How will you spread the faith if the kingdom consists of traditionally non-Virtori tribes?

VM: Over time due to voluntary conversions. When they see the Church do things for them that their old faiths don’t they will see that we are the true faith. Conversion by the sword is not efficient, stable, or feasible here.

AA: What is the first program to be implemented after you begin your rule? Tell us about it.

VM: The internal stabilisation decree – focuses on providing food security, law enforcement and border security. The free kingdom won’t be overly stable when I take my rightful position so we will need to work together both with the dukes and the Faith to ensure that towns are supplied with food and resources, foreign raiders are repelled and the industry and economic base can grow.

AA: You have a well-known rivalry in this contest with Violet Winterborne, will this be mended after the contest or are we seeing to early fractures of political schism?

VM: I will happily work with Violet, I only have the best interests of the Kingdom at heart and as such will work with everyone in the ducal council.

AA: What do you feel is the single greatest challenge you will face in the first 6 months post this election? What is your solution?

VM: Getting the Dukes onboard, some are skeptical which is to be expected but we will work diligently to show that Thearyn is indeed the right fit for the Free Kingdom. That will vary depending on the candidate, most are worried that I will interfere with how they run their duchies, in general day-to-day running I won’t involve myself as it is not the Monarchs place nor has the Monarch got the time to do that. However I will have set guidelines for them to follow and they are:

  • Pay taxes (a given)
  • Respond to calls of arms (a given)
  • Work towards the overall set goals or targets that the Monarch has given
  • Allow the Faith to set up within the Duchies – They do not have to partake in the institutions or any of the ceremonies but they must allow it to set up without hindrance.

The purpose of the monarch in my opinion is to act as a supervisory role setting targets and goals with the Dukes and it being filtered down and to ensure that it is actually being done.

AA: How will you reach out to the rest of the kingdoms politically?

VM: Through trade or common faith, I wish to remain neutral or have a mutual benefit.

AA: Thank you that was the final question do you have any final words for our readers?

VM: I have two statements. I approve of the work your organisation [The Elyrian Examiner] does and am happy to support your development in the free kingdom, information spread and exchange of ideas is core to the kingdom and the Faith, for the truth comes from the Virtues and it is up to us to decipher it, discuss, debate and spread it. Secondly, I am happy to work with whomever wins Duchies in the free Kingdom, I am pragmatic and as such am open for discussions; Feel free to read our literature and approach me if you want more information or even just to have a general chitchat I will hang out with anyone pretty much.

The rest is for you, the voter, to decide.


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