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Free Kingdom Shennanigans

Free Kingdom – It has been an eventful week as the contest heats up, one prospective duke has been knocked out and replaced by an unknown up and comer. Violet Winterborne still has a 97% chance at total victory in this election and as an independent and legitimate news source we are not at all being compensated by the Winterborne campaign.

But interestingly there has been a warming in the Kingdom’s social circles.

‘❥Violet Winterborne ❄ Promising (;

 Horse Lord Varuian Maulvorn 🐎– I’ll have a good time. … using my time productively running the Kingdom

‘❥Violet Winterborne ❄– Weird! I had the same idea


Some would say the banter has become almost flirtatious. Should Phyllain worry that another suitor awaits contest for the queen’s affections? Is it true what they say about Maulvorn’s bad comb over? We at the Elyrian Examiner will keep you posted.

New Vornair Sneak Peek

Vornair – Our friends in the kingdom of Vornair never fail to put out the very best in espirt de corps. While some would almost consider the amalgamation a horrific cult of personality seeking only to consume others in a relentless march of self glorification, we at the Examiner are above such terrible generalizations. Always looking new ways to show off the developments and acheivements here is a sneak peek at the newest    Active-Vair!

V Shirt_VShirt

Editorial: Uniting the Free Kingdom


Disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants on this web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the Elyrian Examiner or official policies of the Elyrian Examiner.

By Varuian Maulvorn – Greetings all! I am writing this article to try and show how I think the free kingdom can unify from a point of view from someone actually in the race for the monarch position.

I am speaking about how the average player in the free kingdom will play a role in the unification and stabilisation of the realm, the average player in Thearyn will be absolutely pivotal in it’s success.

You guys are the ones that stimulate local economies, you want to be a chair maker in the village of lower heath? That is a good thing to do as you will interact with the community and economy by doing so! By providing the tools and environment for you to engage in what my candidacy has to offer, you, the average blacksmith, baker and community member will be what makes or breaks the kingdom!

This is my cast iron pledge to do whatever I can to ensure you have a fun, immersive experience. The Church if Thearyn is but one tool for this as it opens up a whole new avenue of approach for you, a monastery has set up near your village for example, you are a chairmaker and that is a whole new customer base right there.

If you have any questions, doubts or just want a chat then visit our discord


King Varuian Maulvorn – Candidate for the Free Kingdom

Tragedy at Sea


Zylphania – In the early morning mists ships collided in the cold seas off the Vornair coastline. It is uncertain what the cause was at this time as an investigation is still pending. the S.S. Dawn was all but lost with almost no known survivors returning to port in the nearby Duchy of Zylphania. The S.S. Dusk also took severe damage losing a couple crew and loss of hull integrity. Damage reporting is still underway and the Duchy has full support of specialists in both the Rhynelands and Aechena Duchies through this tragedy, some of whom have strong historic ties to the Zylphanian homeland, but many speculate the reality of whether the Dusk or Dawn will ever truly be seaworthy again.

Mystery Solved!

The code first published here has been solved.


Progress was made this week on the project. One hundred bushels in the network for peasantry. The duchy population quickly grows from travelers and the duke sits silently. The queen released good news. Tomorrow the royal guard will search thoroughly every seventh house. This will keep the entire kingdom chasing our ghosts until the moon rises. After the searches the food should do well to keep us ready for you to signal us. When do you want the circle to take the carriage to the escape point? Do we now know enough information or do we need more?

The meaning of the message is unclear. Is this a planned coup by a shadowy organization known as the Kingmakers? Is it an elaborate hoax? The examiner will continue to report as information comes available.

The Hunger Names


Luna – A new controversy is beginning to grip the lands. With the codification of Tribal names there are many instances of two or more parties wishing for the same dynastic identity. It became clear after many failed attempts at peaceful arbitration that there was only one solution: ritual combat. All parties will now meet on the fields of honor and to the victor goes the spoils . . . in this case your name.

Coin’s Guide to Dungeons: Thracia

Thracia, Karios – G’day readers I am Kyle Coin, world traveler. There are many out there who seek to ply their fortunes across the face of Elyria but are unprepared for some of the dangers vagabondry entails. Many actions such as gambling, or a fling with a baroness can land you in some hot water, or oil. So allow me to guide you to the best travel accomodations with my handy new guide I am developing. We start with the ducal Dungeon of Thracia:

This seemingly standard dungeon is located in Thracia, it can accomodate up to 10 per cell and the guard uniforms new with very high quality leg irons available. I was placed in duchy custody during unrest in the marketplace and it does not seem like torture is scheduled for me. Therefore I expect a calm and relaxing stay until check-out but will not be able to review the amenities. I noticed the straw seemed old and matted with a flea ridden cloth on top. This is a sure indicator of a lax hospitality staff if I ever saw one. There was no chamber pot available, this jail used a trough that they flushed with a water bucket every time the guard patrolled nearby. Bathing seemed to be a non-offered consideration. Activities were few, I did not see work parties go out or come back. This is not unusual being the city hold and not a penal plantation. Food was standard gruel served at a lukewarm temperature, as a plus you could ask for seconds.

Overall I would rate the Dungeon of Thracia at 2 out of 4 stars. 2-Stars-580x131.png

Verdict: Average

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