Style Ahoy! To the Tortugas!

Tortuga Love

Isla de Tortuga – We all know viking styles have been in vogue these passed years to the point that some could say there has been little more. That is all about to change on the County of Tortuga. Captain-Count Vigorish D’Artagnan is leading his men in an adventure on the high seas of fashion. While searching for Land in the Free Kingdom, “Vig” has promised wealth, land and, title to his closest, and only his closest supporters. Furthermore, in the planned haven of Port Royal, exotic goods and materials will flourish creating the perfect breeding ground for fashion forward experimentation. In these territories the liberal and uninhabited customs allow for creative enterprise of all types. So liberal, in fact, some have gone as far to consider such a group pirates or buccaneers, but that is merely the way the currents of style flow and they are naught but a ship a sail upon it. Who knows what styles the captains of well-dress will create in the future.

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