Royal Wedding Rumoured!


Vornair – It is a beautiful feeling today in the Rhynelands, shops are ablaze with activity. It has only been a week since the discovery of King Evelake’s complicated romantic situation. Surely there had been trials and upsets, but this is a story proving what we all felt: Love Conquers All. It is rumored that a grand wedding is being planned between King Evelake Rhyne and the lovely groom Duke Morbis Alabast. An order of 100 otters, Morbis’s favorite animal, has been requisitioned to swim and play in a reflecting pool for the event. For those worries it has been confirmed that Lagertha is staying on officially as Queen of the Realm, even if stewards say the stress eating has caused her to gain a bit of weight. We wish the happy couple all the best but request that you respect the couple’s privacy and only leave your event RSVP’s, Well Wishes, and Congratulations on the Vornair forum post, and not on their Discord. All news is good news, but news of love is better ❤

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