Queen’s Gaze . . . of Destruction


Theory that Comet is Not Magical but a Terrifying Rock

Fortuna – Researchers at the Royal Observatory of Fortuna are on the verge or releasing a white paper on their theories of the Queen’s Eye. Occurring about every 52 years many cultures see the comets arrival as an important religious event. The researchers however conjecture the comet is a mass of fast-moving rock and will collide with Elyria in six months creating a hellish landscape of incalculable destruction. Such a sundering could predicate the end of all life as we know it. There are calls for the researchers to be executed for heresy against such a holy gift to the skies, but the government of Fortuna reacts notoriously slow in most situations. In a related situation the leaking of details of the documents created a doomsday cult that is beginning to be seen about the lands. They self flagellate and scream the cryptic message of “No Refunds”.

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