Aravier in Revolt: Updated


Free Kingdoms – After a 3 hour speech in the land of Aravier, the domain of Candidate Seele entered a state of peasant revolt. “We demand all laws and official proclamations be within 280 words,” one of the rebel leaders yelled. The farms lay untended as the ponderous laws of the local government take far too much time to read or explain. “It took candidate Seele 24 minutes to announce his candidacy. I regret learning to read now,” was another sentiment.

Update: The revolt is over the Royal Peasant interpreter explained, “Big’yin gonna run things up in fancy-land and tha’ shite, but he’s gon’ tae be fair and supportive of tha’ little peeps. Huzzah!” The people seem to have accepted that as a reasonable explanation and returned to their fields after a resounding Huzzah!. Only 587 died in the revolt, mostly from pre-existing dysentery.

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