Phyllian and Violet, Death of a Kingdom


Phyllian and Violet, Saviors of the Free Realms?

Free Kingdoms – Two of the current front-runners to assume control of the free kingdoms are Phyllian of Xelias and Violet Winterborne of Alesia. In many cases this would transform a race to such a prize into a dogged fight of supremacy with cut throat posturing and boisterous oratory to ensure the strongest possible leader to unite the realm. This pair however has felt it more prudent to pool resources for mutual benefit, but are they the only ones who benefit? Both candidates have large amounts of unreported, anonymous support and known associations with both Kairos and Vornair. It is not a long jump of logic to see the unusual behavior to be indicative of a conspiracy. A strong Free Kingdom would only be a detriment the standings and resources of those kingdoms that have already inherited the wealth and influence opened by the fall of the fallen Empire. What better way is there to ensure future prosperity of the status quo but showing the greatest support for the weakest and least assertive of candidates?

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