The Concierge, Exactly as Evil as Expected


High School Portrait of the Concierge, Year 2

Free Kingdoms – In an effort to get to know the candidates for the Free Kingdom our investigative paparazzo spared no effort gaining as much personal information possible. There are many terrible rumors about the candidate known as “The Concierge”, or his assumed legal name, Domnal Baynbridge O’Dubhthaigh. Unfortunately every one of them came out to be true. The Concierge is well-known in Deviate circles supporting both werewolves and vampires alike, a criminal genius, and conspirator extraordinaire. He has weekly summoning of eldritch beings, games of chance with lesser demonic entities, and regularly removes tags from tavern mattresses “for kicks”. Given these facts he provides both medical and dental for his henchmen, contributes immensely to children’s holiday toy drives, and is a champion ballroom dancer. We at the Examiner thank the concierge for only dispatching 3 of our investigators. As he knows good help is hard to find and we wish him luck in his candidacy.

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