Something Smells Funny In Bordweall


Rendition of Dleatherus’s Royal Visage

Bloodoak – There have been many theories as to why King Dleatherus of the Bordweall wears his trademark mask. Some say it unnaturally extends his life with magics to make him immortal while others think that the original king died long ago and the mask hides the imposter upon the throne. There are outsiders that think it represents sweeping plagues and pestilence that ravage the landscape.

The truth is far more simple. Dleatherius thinks you smell bad. Growing up cloistered within luxury within the royal sanctum of Bordweall, the king simply wants to vomit any time he is near someone less than the rank of Count and, even then, can only attend court after lavish washing rituals of all in attendance. In his younger years of rule the “king of clean” tried to impose a ban on unwashed masses, but the washing of said masses was quickly draining the defense budget. So in the end it was simply easier to utilize his trademarked masked appearance.

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