Candidate Maulvorn Responds


Flag of Maulvorn

Thearyn – In response to recent accusations of the preeminent Virtori candidate not being as faithful as advertised, Free Kingdom Candidate Varuian Maulvorn was kind enough to answer some questions posed by the Examiner. Some of the questions and answers are what you would expect from a politically motivated person. When asked on his chances of becoming the king of the Free Kingdom his response was, as expected, “They are very strong; We have made huge inroads into the community building a very competent and capable team and wider community” and added that he would provide strong, multifaceted leadership ensuring that the influences of other kingdoms would be quite limited. In an overature of cooperation Candidate Maulvorn also named those he sees as allies in his efforts to bring a better life to the Free Kingdom. In his own word, ” . . . The Allies I see being closest will most likely be our community, Concierge, Seele and perhaps Jon.” When confronted about the rumors of Dark rituals and not walking the virtues Maulvorn vehemently denied them passing the blame for such libel onto political opponents offering counselling in Virtori facilities so they can once again find righteousness. unfortunately with a stated ally such as the Concierge, a person known to espouse a moral flexibility and deviate tendencies, the possibility of the stain of chaotic magics rooting within the Virtori home can not be completely assuaged. The most interesting and unexpected turn of the interview was when asked for one word to describe hid opponents. The word Maulvorn chose was “Dubitabilis” he states it means doubtful but it also a well-known word for several species of snail. When pressed the candidate denied his opponents Phyllian and Violet Winterborne were malevolent snail-based homunculi seeking to enslave the free kingdom and merely working to further their own ends as candidates. This bodes poorly as can we truly have a seated king that will not take a snail warrior conspiracy seriously?


Artist’s concept of the eternal snail threat

It is nearly historical record that heroes of the past have had to defend the people from aggressive mollusks.


Olden Knight of Mann fends off a formidable opponent

I just hope that those beholden to protect us all are not going to let the slow menace grow, or worse, collaborate with such inhumann entities.

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