Helgrim Fashion, Kypiq Nightmare


Aechena – New fashions are hitting the Helgrim Enterprise’s Markets this week as the newest Kypiq fur plantations come online. The organization’s previous methods of trading for captives or field processed pelts could simply not keep up with demand. “With this new facility we can improve both the volume and quality of our product,” said one local employee of Helgrim, “The Kypiq pups can fetch the highest price for their soft leathers and downy furs.” While some claim that Kypiq are no different than any other race of mann, the citizens of Aechena will hear none of it. The Kypiq resources are not only valued for their production good but a fresh supply of Kypiq meats is used to boost livestock feeds, supply orphanages and field laborers with necessary nutrients. As one taskmaster stated, “I couldn’t eat Kypiq vittles myself, thats for the lower classes, but it keeps production high.” The future looks quite profitable for Helgrim’s newest industry.

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