Evelake, A Queen Too Far

Lag Row

Queen Rowena Darkholm and Queen Lagertha Bjornstad

The Rhynelands – Previously unknown meetings are rumored to be in progress in the Kingdom of Vornair recently.  While the specifics are still a closely guarded secret it seems the realms of King Evelake Rhyne of Vornair and Queen Rowena Darkholm of Blackheart may be reaching a plan for common union if not outright merger. How this has been achieved is not without scandal though as Queen Lagertha has recently left with baggage train in tow. “There was a right amount of giggling and carrying on behind closed doors, and her highness wasn’t having it,” confided a castle staff member who wished to remain off the record. While the lands and resources of Blackheart are relatively unknown to these lands, the gaining of even more materials for the Vornic Government could be disastrous for neighboring kingdoms. This does raise more questions though. How did Queen Rowena arrive in the court of Vornair? Are previously unknown magics at work? Will Queen Lagertha be set aside or accept a status of sharing the king to provide stability to the realms? Thus far no Vornair officials have come forward with comment on these events.

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